Katt Williams Comments On Business & Friendship With Suge Knight

Katt Williams confirms that he and the former head of Death Row Records "have business together."

In the final days of 2012, comedian Katt Williams was filmed by TMZ, just hours after being released from jail on child endangerment charges. The Friday After Next star and Diplomats affiliate was then accompanied by former Hip Hop mogul Suge Knight, who was caught on tape fighting outside of Los Angeles, California's Club Eden.

AllHipHop.com recently asked Katt about his relationship with Suge. In addition to co-founding and being the CEO of Death Row Records, Knight, a Compton, California native also managed artists including Tupac, DJ Quik and The D.O.C. "I didn’t realize that me knowing him was going to be taken in all the different directions that it has been taken to," said Williams. "We have business together, and number one, I respect what he thinks musically, first and foremost. I know from the things that I have been through and the entities that are mad at me, that your team is sometimes judged by your team.”

Although Suge Knight has been criticized for theft and violence by some high-profile rappers including Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger, Katt stressed the solidarity. "I know that he has never done anything wrong to me, and he actually came through for me at a time when I didn’t think that anybody was going to step up. And he did.”

AllHipHop.com also asked Katt about his status with Dipset. Read the full interview.

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  • Art Brooks

    Suge is like a pimp. he finds these mufuckaz when they're down and out and sells them the dream ("Its just U and me against the world baby"). Then if they get out of pocket, he beats 'um or has 'um murked.

  • DeRay Davis

    Keep it dry, bitches...keep it dry!

  • wendell


  • d-nucks

    "I know that he has never done anything wrong to me, and he actually came through for me at a time when I didnt think that anybody was going to step up. And he did. Same way Pac feel...being bailed out of jail.....but look where that got him.

  • Art Brooks

    Yeah Katt, Suge ripped everyone else off, but he won't do it to U.

  • Lboy

    Im not leaving this comment to wish harm on anyone or to throw some negative shit out into the universe, but I wouldn't be surprised if I turned on the news and Kat Williams was randomly dead from a drug overdose. I think he already had an over the top personality so what happened is what Dave Chappelle explained, once you start making a certain amount of money people around you want to convince you your crazy, so they can better manipulate you and get their hand in your pocket. Only difference is Kat didn't go too Africa and have a spiritual cleansing. He kept going hard. Hollywood aint meant for everyone ladies and gentlemen, even if you have the talent to make it. Overall I wish him the best hes funny as fuck(usually).

    • JMG

      I agree whole-heartedly fam. And he is acting like Suge Knight has EVER been associated with ANYTHING positive. The fact that his name has been synonymous with death, drugs, and violence just means that Kat is involved in something shady whether he knows it or not, and like you said, could be the next big name associated with Suge that ends up mysteriously dead (God forbid)!

  • Anonymous

    Hes going to end up dead

  • Aaron

    Suge always comes through when people are at the their bottom. But that's for pure self motivated reasons, so he can use and abuse that ass.

  • Anonymous

    If that nigga keeps going on in the way he's been going on, he's gone end up either killing himself, fucking up his money, or in jail.

  • What

    Kid another example of what smoking to much weed can do too you, Katt williams done lost his dagg mind

  • Anonymous

    Katt Williams should remake the movie Leprechaun.

  • 101

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