DJ Big Mike Claims Trap-A-Holics Helped Police In Music Piracy Arrest

DJ Big Mike posts a statement allegedly made to police by DJ Trap-A-Holics around the time of his music piracy arrest.

With charges stemming from his 2011 arrest for music piracy now officially behind him, DJ Big Mike now seems intent in calling out those he believes aided police in his arrest. Among those DJ Big Mike is certain assisted police in their case is DJ Trap-A-Holics and he let it be known in a series of Tweets made yesterday, March 25th.

In one Tweet, DJ Big Mike advised fellow artists to reconsider if they have any plans on working with DJ Trap-A-Holics and also included a picture of what appears to be a statement from the popular mixtape deejay, real name Santos Figueroa. The statement is dated June 21st, 2011, DJ Big Mike was arrested roughly a week prior.

In one of his numerous Tweets, the Connecticut-based deejay also claimed that Matt “Fat Matt” Pollak of Empire Mixtapes also wrote a statement for police.

Despite working with the likes of D-Block, Lil Kim, and Wiz Khalifa, DJ Big Mike was arrested in his home in Connecticut roughly two years ago after being investigated by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for several years.

On top of music piracy charges, DJ Big Mike and his brother were also charged with using an unauthorized shipping account. The various charges have since been dropped, according to DJ Big Mike.

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  • Anonymous

    "Big Mike was one of the top mixtape DJ's back in the early 00's" Now it's 2013 you crusty fossil.

  • ooooeokxxx

  • Anonymous

    Must be a slow day when no name DJ's are after each other.

  • Anonymous

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  • Baker

    NO SNITCHING. thats been the golden rule since anyone can remember. Seeing as charges have been dropped apparently according to the article why should he be concerned with a dead subject matter such as the case? He SHOULD however be concerned with someone who is supposedly another Dj snitching on him thats grade A bitch made shit especially for someone who has the audacity to put "trap" in his name if any of you actually put some thought into it you'd realize a guy who basically says he's a thug and makes music FOR thugs or dudes who run traps JUST FUCKING SANG LIKE A CANARY it's hypocritical in the fact that THE GOLDEN RULE OF THE STREETS IS NO TELLING AND NO HELPING POLICE Trap-a-Holics is the biggest bitch ever nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    snitching on snitches

  • Fuck Outta Here

    It's funny that a grown ass man can't take responsibility and ownership for his own illegal actions, and instead points blame at others for snitching. Yeah, the dude snitched on you and that sucks, but man the fuck up and realize it was your dumb ass that broke the law.

  • fgfgfgf07887

    dj wigger is a bitch hes a nasty slob