Paul Anka Says Jay-Z Snubbed Him On "Duets" Offer With Michael Jackson

"My Way" singer Paul Anka previously cleared a sample for Jay-Z on "Blueprint 2." Now Anka's upset when Jay-Z reportedly ignored requests to appear on a "Duets" song with him and Michael Jackson.

Veteran singer Paul Anka's most notable songwriting hit, "My Way" was the musical basis for Jay-Z's "I Did It My Way" track off of The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse. However, according to a interview with Anka yesterday (March 25), the love was not returned.

The 71 year-old Canadian vocalist claimed that as he's worked on his upcoming Duets album, Jay-Z did not return phone-calls. "What I did  do, is I called up Jay-Z. He did a track with 'My Way' where I loaned him a track," reminded Anka. Jay and producer Jimmy Kendrix did use Anka's version of the song, not the popular Frank Sinatra version. "I wanted to put him in on a rap with Michael Jackson, in the middle, I called him up, but Jay-Z has totally blown me off," said Anka. "He won't answer my calls. He's inappropriate in his behavior."

Anka wrote several songs with the late Michael Jackson in the 1980s. "This Is It" was recently released in 2009, with additional recordings reportedly unreleased. Anka did add that Beyonce gets a pass. "The I love his wife, I think she's great. But Jay-Z wouldn't return the call."

This report comes less than six months after famed actor Robert De Niro reportedly confronted the rapper-turned-mogul for bad phone manners.

The video is available at TMZ.

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  • Anonymous

    Jay has no respect. De niro now Anka.

  • bkstylz

    You fuckers ever stop to think Jay finds it distasteful to make money off of the late and great MJ?

  • Anonymous

    Blue Ivy is Paul Anka's daughter.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    jay-z got an ugly baby, he better adopted a kid he got money anouf

  • mgeeze

    can we try and be balanced here folks..what if Jay said..nah i am not interested and man is just bitter..people always need a reason to keep themselves relevant..lets move on as this is not that important

    • GT

      If not interested then be a man and say what it is, don't just ignore the nigga especially after he cleared a song. Straight bitch shit.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure this faggot got paid. Business never personal

  • Anonymous

    it would have been in homage to micheal jackson...maybe hip hop history. of course jayz snubs that, the kendrick feature was a political move, notice that he was on Drakes album with a COsign before it dropped, after kendrick sold platinum with out a Hov cosign he would have to do it or look like a hater. Jay Z sucks.

    • real

      What!!!! Now you making up shit How is working with KL a political move. This aint politcs. Jay can get on everybody album when they want. Im pretty sure he has his own business to handle. 2nd let MJ rest. Everybody tryn to make a buck off this man. Maybe Jay dont want to be involved with those out to get paid off a dead man.

    • Anonymous

      nicki's album is platinum and she only sold like 822k so kendrick will be platinum in a week or so, its albums shipped not sold. either way his album will sell a millie by years end

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick isn't platinum. Get his rookie dick out yo mouth.

  • Obscene

    So Jay will get on a remix with a newbie like Kendrick but won't do a record with a musical legend like Paul Anka?!?! That's just ass backwards....what an ungrateful douche bag he is, especially after he cleared that sample for him.

    • Anonymous

      he could have had a say though and helped to convince those who had power. he probably wouldn't have cared to bring that up if he didn't have some effect.

    • Anonymous

      Then you doubt Ms Wallace and Afeni Shakur approve or turn down music usage.

    • Anonymous

      kendrick is hip-hop. they in the same game. and i doubt it was anka that cleared the sample. it was probably a label or publishing company

  • dentaldamboy

    This is exactly what I've been saying for years. Jay-Z is a snake.

  • Nobody

    Chill out people. Jay said, "I'm over-charging people for what the did to the Kold Krush." Don't get mad when he lives up to that ideology. It is what it is....

    • Anonymous

      people forget if you wanna know jay's opinion... its always found in his music... and does jay really owe these people any respect... what have they done to earn it?

    • Anonymous

      It's Cold Crush. Cold Crush Bros. And your ideology says that just because Kriston didn't sell, Paul Anka can't get a call. Quite petty when you think about it.

  • Anonymous

    so jay dont care about old white dudes. so what. he don't owe them shit

    • Anonymous

      "so jay dont care about old white dudes" ^ and Warren Buffet is a teenager?lol "bet he don't songwrite it for free" ^ who said Jay wasn't getting paid now? @foreal is totally lost so how would he know if another beat would have made the same impact (ever heard of a REMIX foreal?) "lol so what? so now he has to make shitty music with him" ^ your momma wiped the sh*t out of your ass years ago, would be nice to return her call

    • Anonymous

      lol so what? so now he has to make shitty music with him just because he sampled on of his songs 11 years ago?

    • foreal

      Jay Z does not owe him. I am sure Anka got paid and if he didnt then he is a sucka. If Anka didnt give him the rights to that song, Jay would have just slid a different song in that place. That song wasnt a HUGE hit or anything, it wouldnt have been missed

    • Anonymous

      but i bet he don't songwrite it for free. he sure get paid very well.

    • Anonymous

      Are you stupid or someshit? Veteran singer Paul Anka's most notable songwriting hit, "My Way" was the musical basis for Jay-Z's "I Did It My Way" track off of The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse.

  • Anonymous

    come on Jay return those calls... dont be a snob with your Barclay Center and Spade champagne

  • Dashing

    First Deniro, now Paul Anka. Jay, this is not a good look. If anything, just for your own PR purposes. These are folks who have been in the game 4 or 5 decades. Return their damn phone calls fam.

  • Anonymous

    Dear mister Anka, I dont care about music. I only care about money, money and again money. I dont want to be a nice person. See when i became a rich person i didnt care about others because im selfish. i only love myself and my dollars. Yours sincerely, Jay "Asshole, Pop rapper, arrogant prick" Z

  • Steven El-Amin

    Proof read your work before posting

    • Anonymous

      proof reading wouldn't help these writers. they need an editor to go over it for them before they publish it online.