The Mother Of Future's Son Says The Rapper Owes More In Child Support

Future's own braggadocios words about his deep pockets could have the Atlanta rapper paying more in child support.

When it comes to child support, it's all a numbers game and Future could possibly feel the wrath of the math.

According to TMZ, Jessica Smith, the mother of Future's first child claims the Atlanta rapper owes more money than he currently pays in child support and her proof comes from Future's own mouth.

Future recently claimed on television that he carries $25,000 on his person at all times. His current documented income is set at $16,516 per month and he currently pays $1,662 monthly in child support for their 10-year-old son.

After learning about the 25 stacks that Vandross always carries around with him Smith immediately went back to court and filed new documents to invalidate their previous deal and increase his child support obligation. She believes Future's actual monthly income exceeds $50,000.

Future's next album, Future Hendrix, will be released later this year.

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  • Anonymous

    He woke up with out no money! He woke up with out no money! I should have called a hit out with jamaaaaaacains, But i dont know any so I'm Faaaaaakin. I cant afford a place to staaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in, Need to be on a song that Little waaaaaaaaaaaaaaane in... I woke up with out no money!....I aint got no fucking money! Bugatti Remix ft. French Montana, Bow Wow, Future, MGK

    • Anonymous

      they even had to borrow t-pains bugatti to film the video for that song becuase none of them niggas actually has one

  • Anonymous

    Cant gamble on feeding your baby with dope money, might now always be sufficient. -Big Boi

  • Anonymous

    "For one child 1600 is enough lets be honest" That 1600 would go very fast. Why should a rapper with money be allowed to skate while his kid starves. It's pathetic. Be a man and provide more than what is expected for your child. It's not like Future's poor and living in the ghetto.

  • Anonymous

    money grubbing bitches, thats all

  • Anonymous

    What an idiot! I hope she does get that money..,,NIGGAS always flaunting that shit! Thats what he gets. A nigga being a nigga!

  • Anonymous

    baby mama drama? ain't nobody got time fo' dat

  • Anonymous

    i see hiphopdx is full of dead beat daddies. if you so rich and balling why cant you throw your baby moms a few stacks every month to keep your children living well?

  • guch

    bitches!!!!!! so if I get a raise you get a raise????? broke bitches!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous2

      I agree with Anonymous. Lets be honest. 1600 a month for one 10 year old? Shit for any being is a lot of money in many situations. We can't be naive, she plans on living off of him and obviously has a mean grudge.

    • Anonymous

      For one child 1600 is enough lets be honest...What is she doing, because if she not working then basically her income is child support and she aint no child so supporting her lazy broke azz is mad wack....fucking court systems man I am telling you..

    • Anonymous

      no if you get a raise your KID gets a raise

    • darnell

      Great way to put it, never thought about it like that...

  • Earl Sweatshirt

    I gets free condoms at the clinic, fucks that or buy singles. $1600 a month is more than many seniors get on Social Security... like damn, we menz need to do the math. cuz when females tell me they on birth control and can't get pregnant i never trust their word because Maury show tells us they lie already

  • Cordero

    Sounds to me like she conspired to get pregnant to get on WELFARE or public aid first, Kept the child a secret cause all she needed was a sperm donor with her lazy ass; then saw him become successful while she lied and told public aid she didn't know the father so she could collect checks...Fella's peep game

  • Cordero

    That's why you got to be careful what type of female you go up in raw. i don't fuck with bitches poorer than such thing as poorer per se') but go figure, shit If females ain't working with a degree or smarter than me I only fucks with spoiled daddies girls cause this child support and welfare shit is for the birds. He should seek full time custody and then she won't get shit

    • Anonymous

      lol full time custody for a rapper whos touring most of the year and didnt pay child support for 10 years? thats real likely to happen

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if that whore has a college degree or a non wage earning job????

  • Barack Obama

    Stupid, stupid negros.

  • Justin Timberlake

    Should've kept his dick in a box.

  • Anonymous

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  • okdenn

    naww this dude makes money, you listen to his music but its his moves behind the scene penning tracks and all that, hes getting payd, i just hope he dont get caught out by taxes cus he damn sure make more than 16k a month. you know what these hoes like its just as much their fault as the dude for them getting pregnant (unless its against their will). Still tho i hope future pays up more when hes getting that $$

    • GLM

      Sth wrong wit all ds bitches, wen a nigga starts to make a lil money dey start trippin off on some real attitude shit, how come you dnt alert him he had a child for 10yrs just cause he aint gat shit then, now he rich & u tryna run him down wit all dat child support shit... smh BITCHES

    • Anonymous

      correction. He didnt know he had a child for 10years. she even admitted that he didnt know

    • Anonymous

      he didnt support his child for 10 years until they made him do a dna test

  • The Truth

    Future is basically a poor man's T-Pain.

  • Anonymous

    the kid is 10 years old and he didnt even start paying child support until this year when they made him do a DNA test! hes a dead beat

    • Anonymous

      get your facts right. she even admitted he had no knowledge of their child until he started blowing up. She just so happened to wanna set child support up once he started makin noise. how convenient

  • CD

    Fuck Future Is a Fucking Trash, Fake Rap

  • Sell Dope|Fuck Hoes

    "Sell dope fuck hoes that's the way it go" Future wasn't lying he a real nigga ... my inspiration !!!!

  • oh yup

    For the kid....riiiiiight.

  • dentaldaaaanmmmmgirl

    shout outs to Birdman! he just bought his 16 year old son a maybach for his 16th birthday with the money he should have paid his artists and producers! Birdman is a real great father! Just look how good Dwayne turned out.

    • sucio

      This story is wrong. It was not a girl. It was a dude. And you didn't eat him out. You tossed his salad...then he left his ranch dressing on your face.

    • steady

      that's clearly a lie cz u have no friends 2 begin wit.....

    • Anonymous

      thats a lie. you aint never touched a pussy

    • dentaldamboy

      In high school, I was hanging out with one of my friends at his house and I was telling him about some girl from another high school that I had eaten out at a party. His sister overheard the convo and she knew the girl and told us what a slut she was. So my friend said he hoped I used a dental dam.

    • Anonymous

      ^^Elaborate for us oh mighty one...

    • dentaldamboy

      Does everyone on here know why they call me the dentaldam boy?

  • Anonymous

    future pimping these hoes future is the rawest hook artist alive sinnce nate dogg #FREE BAND GANG

  • Anonymous

    lol niggas love to buy a car before they pay the child support

  • real nigguh

    Man this shit is getting old with these females thinking because a man sees an increase in salary that they're entitled for more per month. $1600/month is more than enough to raise a child smh the nerve of these women. I was raised on less than that and I never went hungry.

    • donnis mac

      This 10 yr old is getting more money a week than your friend working at Foot Locker. The question is what is mom making because that's a nice chunk to get shorty right. Stash $50 a week until 18 and that's 47 grand, give or take. Still $1400 left a month. If mom can't match that or raise it, that's the issue, not this dude saying he walks around with 25 grand in his pocket.

    • Anonymous

      where does it say his child lives in poverty

    • Anonymous

      why should future walk around with 25k in his pocket while his child lives in near poverty? you know he just gonna waste that money on jewellery, drugs and hoes anyways. might as well invest in your childs "FUTURE"

    • Anonymous

      The cost of living out of your means has gone up. Some adults don't bring home $1600 and nowhere close to 5k.

    • juce

      she gots to have extra cheese on her whopper

    • Anonymous

      the cost of living has gone up since you were a child

  • Burmy

    "Ciara, leave while you got a chance/Find a real man to put a band on ya hand" -Young Buck, from his 50 Cent diss "You Don't Know Me"

  • Anonymous

    deadbeat dad making songs about bugattis and shit but wont support his own seed

  • JRich

    Since the amount of money you carry means anything...Fuck someone from McDonalds could carry around his yearly salary in his pocket, it doesn't make him any more wealthy. Sneaky ass females, I doubt she'll win this one unless she can prove everything 100%

  • I Suck Off Ja Rule

    y'all broke niggaz know ja is the daddy, rule has fucked every bitch in the world on some gangsta shit, this lame ass niggas just a scapegoat cause she dont wanna mess up ja's street cred... ITS MURDAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    maybe he just carries the same 25k around with him but never spends it hard to believe this guy makes less than 200k a year but it wouldn't surprise me. all these rappers are faking it,.

  • Thomas Kirkbride

    So because he allegedly carries 25k on him she deserves more money.

    • Anonymous

      "She don't deserve shit but to be fucking investigated for welfare fraud" kind of like future needs to be arrested for providing false documents in court and tax evasion

    • leighton

      She don't deserve shit but to be fucking investigated for welfare fraud. There are three reason a woman can apply for public aid for ten years 1. The child's father is dead 2. she was raped and don't know the father , and 3. It was a one night stand and his name was "Tony" My point is there are many lies women tell and since she knew from day one and went to apply shows the scam and conspiracy to get her own apartment and public aid, lazy women like dudes who freak raw cause your their meal ticket to eat bon bons and get their weave done off the cash portion of their public aid

    • Anonymous

      If its for his kids yes. There's no reason he can't set aside 5 g's out of that 25 for his kids to get clothes, food, or whatever.