Cadenza returns with a new video for "No Drama.” The track features Avelino and Assassin, accompanied with an undeniable darkness. Speaking on the track, Cadenza states:
"No Drama came together bit by bit over a few months. Avelino came to my studio for the first time and I played him some ideas and he lit up when I played the first 10 seconds of that demo. AV writes straight from his head top so I watched him mutter to himself for bit and then he came straight in with “I don’t want No Drama.” That whole first verse is the one thats on the record, no re-dos, no overdubs. Being half British and half Jamaican, I wanted to find a way to fuse that mix in what I do and thats why i had to bring Assassin in. His tone is exceptional and he brought a whole other energy to the record. When I showed AV what Assassin had done he freaked out and it brought out his competitive side. Even though they were never in the same room, its like they were going head to head trying to one-up each other."