Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience" Sales Projections

According to sources, Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience" may be 2013's blockbuster.

Despite serving as Justin Timberlake’s first solo effort in nearly seven years, The 20/20 Experience is expected to do quite well as far as album sales are concerned. Billboard.com reports that Timberlake’s album could move as many as 800,000 units before March 24th, the end of the current tracking week.

In today’s musical climate, it’s become a rarity for an artist to top such high numbers in their first week. The last reported occurrence of an artist topping the 750,000 mark in first week sales came with the release of country/pop star Taylor Swift’s Red album.

Timberlake’s previous solo album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, reportedly sold around 684,000 in its first week.

Released on March 19th, The 20/20 Experience is fully produced by Virginia beatsmith Timbaland and features a sole guest appearance from Jay-Z.

With the release of The 20/20 Experience now behind him, Timberlake will soon join forces with Jay-Z for the duo’s “Legends Of The Summer” tour, which kicks off in July.

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  • Illuminati Spokesman

    First Trouble with the Curve, now this? We must put an end to this poser right now.

  • Anonymous

    white numbers you say? so why robin thicke for example didn't sell shit? you dumb fuck racists

  • lenny blanco

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  • lenny blanco

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  • thisISNOThiphop

    Why. He does songs with rappers...now he's a hiphop subject? C'mon. Unless this is POPDX.COM, then there is no place for this.He makes good music, I won't argue that. But if this makes hiphopdx, then Willie Nelson should make front page articles for his albums and tours since he did a song with Snoop a while back...Just sayin. And no, to answer your question, I didn't read this. Just wanted to give my 2 cents.

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    im glad,album is dope

  • Come On

    Don't fool your self on here guys timberlake will go gold minimum without cheating and yes that means 500,000 first week. this is White america we are talking about he has all his nsync fans still and all of justin biebers too and all the women in his age bracket. he hasn't brought out an album in seven years so it will sell and sell well gauranteed! to pop fans its like if DRE, had of brought out an album it would sell due to delays and anticipation in our culture the majority of us would get it, so I wouldn't put it past Timberlake to go gold easily. Remember ist mainly white ppl and younger crowds who buy albums now.

  • Eye Control

    I still don't buy that Frank's Ocean wants to be gay. He doesn't look gay, or even sound gay. No lisp or anything. I think the illuminati made him do gay rituals so he could release his Chanelle Orange album. I knew he was illuminati when he released Pyramids. The word Orange is subliminal. You can reshuffle that word to make it spell "a negro", because the illuminati hates black people. Basically, the illuminati is "channeling a negro" aka Frank's Ocean. I have no respect for any man who sacrifices his sexuality for fame. Also, orange is one of the colors of the gay rainbow.

  • piiiiii07


  • Keith Sweat

    No way he's gonna sell that much. I'll give it a 270,000 and I'm being really generous.

  • Suspect

    I think his marketing team bought some of the copies. He did some crazy amount of promo on this shit for no reason. He was on every grammys commercial too.

  • Anonymous

    why is it that every other article is about Justin Timberlake? isnt this a HipHop site? smfh

  • Anonymous

    yeah he still has those nsync fans tho. not saying he's shit, but he was already established to them, and he's just gotten better, so those same people will go out and support.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, now Kanye will want to f*** with that Suit and Tie shit lol

  • Anonymous

    It's a very good album. The fact that he only puts out an album every few years makes it more of an event and so helps sales.

  • Devon

    800K is remarkable...the race argument has a little significance here, but there have been a lot of black acts to do similar numbers....Wayne did a mil with Carter 3, Kanye pushed 800K with Graduation, Jay pushed 750K with Kingdom Come and Usher STILL holds the record for 1st week sales by and R&B artist with 1.1 milli for Confessions. It's more about timing and the demand for an artist...But I will say we black people love to bootleg...we'd rather get it for 5 at the barber than pay $15 ($10 these days) in the store.....and to kill the race thing, more white ppl buy our shit than we do...

    • Anonymous

      No-one's been saying most black men are in jail. What's been said, and is true, is that there is disproportionately more black men in jail compared to white men. There's no value judgement based off that fact (or shouldn't be) - it is what it is.

    • Anonymous

      "more white ppl buy our shit than we do..." ^ they've been telling you most Black men are in jail and yet the numbers show more than a half of a million more Black men are in college/universities than in jail. You keep believing that propaganda buddy.

    • Anonymous

      Jay only pushed 600k, not 750k. But still, 600k is good numbers

  • shubway

    JZ know what he doing going on tour wit JT.

  • ssk kss 0

    800,000 first week. Kanye West cant hate on that

  • i aint trippy

    damn 800,000+ first week just off the Suit and Tie single. aint no other male R&B singer selling like that in todays music yo shittin on Usher, Frankie Ocean, Miguel, Trey Songz and them.....

  • Anonymous


  • Doubl Negative

    So, Timberlake's new record's shifting so many units because he's white? Why does anyone have a problem with that? What we as Black people need to do is support our own people and their endeavours, the same way the whites and Asians do theirs. There's enough Black people in the world to make an 800,000 first week sales a reality. This solidarity has manifested in recent months, has witnessed by Obama's second term in office and Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained becoming his most successful film. The Black vote/dollar undeniably played a huge part in both events, so let's move this good will over to music sales and where possible avoid adding to the sales of Timberlake/Eminem and purchase legally music made by our people only. If whites can support their own kind and not buy Black music without any guilt, we should do likewise.

    • knockitoff

      2 idiots above my post. Where did he say for black people to not buy music made by a white person? He didn't even imply that, dumbasses!

    • Anonymous

      Dear "Doubl Negative", you are a thick prick. If a black person likes Eminem, should he not buy his music just because Em is white? Similarly, should a white person not buy Jay-Z's music simply based on his skin colour? Fuck off, people will buy whatever the hell they like! Race has got nothing to with it.

    • two

      Just buy whatever you like, not based on the skin color of the artist. So black people should avoid adding to the sales of JT/Eminem on purpose? You must trolling. Imagine how that'd sound if a white person would say the same thing about Usher/Jay-Z.

  • One

    750,000 sales in one week? Hell no! maybe in a month or so but not no one week. Plus, they rushed the album. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent album but they didn't wait no time to throw a shitty single on the radio that sounds like Robin Thicke song. His sales will do good but not what execs are expecting.

    • jhuntdaprodigy

      You clearly aren't familiar with who Justin Timberlake is are you? His last album did 600k and his star power has only doubled since then thanks to his work with movies and TV. His last album was extremely successful and he earned respect for making quality music. The fact that it's been 7 years since his last album came out only hyped this album up more. Suit & Tie had one of the biggest rappers in the game featured on it, is a platinum hit, gets extensive radio play, and has charted in the top 5 on the hot 100. Over the past 3 months he's appeared on The Grammys, SNL, Jimmy Fallon 5 nights in a row, 106 & Park, and had a one hour special on the CW. 800k isn't hard to believe at all actually.

    • Anonymous

      Not a single thing you said was correct

    • Anonymous

      You're wrong buddy.

  • Anonymous

    I predict a million copies sold next week.

  • Chi-Ill

    JT makes great music, I know I'm getting my copy today.

  • smdh

    How is it that all of the R&B albums of the last 5 years have flopped, besides this one? OHHH He's white. There's no denying that this album is DOPE. But if a black guy made this same shit it would have sold 20,000 copies.

    • Anonymous

      You want to bring up Elvis and The Beatles as proof of a Black selling like Justin? lol How foolish you look trying to impose your "superiority". Meanwhile every time you hear a Beatles song, Mike Jack's family gets paid.

    • DefRx

      The contention was quite clearly that a black artist could "never" do it, when it's already been done.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^^ Can this dumb Phuck nigga stop bringing up old shit before I have to bring up Elvis Or The Beatles!!

    • DefRx

      Did we just forget that Michael Jackson is one of the most successful artists of all time, sold over a billion records, and was far more popular when he was his original skin tone.

    • @anon

      ^^^ Timbaland produced this album. So a black man did make this. But its true that if those beats were given to a black singer, it prob wouldnt have sold.

    • Ummm no

      Frank Ocean's album didn't flop. It went gold actually.

    • Anonymous

      The only difference in your statement is that "A BLACK GUY" would NEVER make this same shit!

    • Megadon

      You already know crackers stick together they take over our music and try to kick us down they been doing that since the ancient times

  • foreal

    to all people hating on HHDX doing articles about Justin Timberlakes album... the album was completely produced by a HIP HOP LEGEND.... TIMBALAND. so you can not say this album has NOTHING to do with hip hop



  • z0000999


  • milowough

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    Keep sucking Justins dick HIPHOPDX!!!! Are you a hiphopsite or pop site?

  • playboy pryor

    damn man!! you need a life

  • dentaldamboy

    No wonder Jay-Z is so desperate to cling onto this guy. Wayne, Drake, Nicki and Tyga all stay in the limelight on their own. They dont need to work with any pop acts. Jay-Z is old and past his prime. Roc nation is filled with a bunch of has-beens and Drake imitators. Jay Electronica calls Wayne an angel and his role model even tho Wayne is much younger than him. YMCMB, we got the game by the clit.

  • Anonymous

    Damn. Good numbers JT.