Phillip Morris Tobacco Cease & Desists Stones Throw For Jonwayne Packaging

The makers of Marlboro cigarettes were none too pleased with Stones Throw Records and Jonwayne regarding the "Cassette" packaging.

Los Angeles, California-based Stones Throw Records is known for innovative album packaging and promotional strategies. In 2012, the label founded by Peanut Butter Wolf made cassettes of one of their more recent signees, Jonwayne, and designed the jewel case to look like Marlboro cigarette packages.

Big Tobacco company Philip Morris has officially taken umbrage with the release. Stones Throw revealed that Philip Morris cease-and-desisted the independent label regarding the Jonwayne Cassette. The law firm of Arnold & Palmer, LLP served papers to the label this week. Stones Throw provided scans. The C&D alleges that the label is infringing on the copyright and trademark of Marlboro. The first page is embedded below:

Previously, Jonwayne has produced for Homeboy Sandman's First Of A Living Breed, one of Stones Throw's 2012 album releases. A year ago this month, Wayne released Oodles Of Doodles on the imprint.

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  • deframon

    they have a strong case for satire philip morris doesnt have a case here

  • Hmmm

    Those fuckers (Stones Throw) are relentless with removing their company's music from places that they deem as "stealing" or any place that is unauthorized. Funny how that works out with them jacking someone else's work

    • Zodiac

      Anyone that knows the real stones throw know they've been throwing their weight around on sites like YouTube for years. Its funny how they're on the receiving end and they want people to feel sorry for them. They can't front like they're not making money either with cash cows like Aloe Blac and Mayer Hawthorne.

  • MarkoBejlis

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  • danheil

    they could fight it and win. you can't claim copyright infringement unless your selling a product similar to what you are "supposedly" infringing on and cassettes and cigarettes are not similar at all.

    • Anonymous

      Look at the second paragraph, they are going into SPECIFICS about what their REGISTERED TRADEMARKS are (the R's in circles). Match that with the cover and take a good look at the same font and try to tell me and a judge that same book smart sh*t you're saying is going to fly. Stop it.

    • danheil

      i know its the packaging obviously, however, read a legal textbook and you will learn that doing that is not necessarily illegal. and to "ummmm" the emblem is a bit different, not a copy and paste job, its highly possbible if they fought it, they'd win, however i highly doubt stones throw has the $ and legal resources to risk in a lawsuit.

    • Anonymous

      it's the packaging ya moron

    • umm

      Stones Throw is using the Lion emblem that is on the cigarette packaging, that's not legal.

  • Ed U. Cation

    "Cease & Desists"??? God. If you aren't going to take s class, hire a fucking proofreader

  • Anonymous

    They kill people, how can they be mad at anyone.