Justin Timberlake Credits "Suit & Tie" On A Mistake Made By Beyonce, Talks Tour With Jay-Z

Justin Timberlake says he has "a lot of songs" with Jay-Z, credits the rapper for organizing their upcoming tour.

Fans of Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s popular “Suit & Tie” collab may have Beyonce to thank for the collaboration. During his appearance on BET’s 106 & Park earlier in the week, Justin revealed that the record came about thanks to a “mistake” made by the songstress.

Justin also shared that he has a number of songs recorded with Jay-Z and hopes eventually they’ll see the light of day.

“Well, ‘Suit & Tie’ really came about – I was with Tim and we were working on some stuff for Beyonce,” said Justin in a video posted on HipHop-n-More.com. “And she made the mistake of letting Jay and I have another room at the studio. So actually, I don’t wanna give too much away, but we’ve done a lot of songs together. Hopefully, those will find a way to see the light of day.”

On top of the pair’s The 20/20 Experience collab, Jay-Z and Justin will also embark on their “Legends Of The Summer” tour later in the year. While speaking on the tour, Justin didn’t hesitate in giving props to Jay-Z for actually implementing an idea that initially seemed like merely a thought.

“Then we just started talking about how much we share a lot of the same producers and what it would be like to do a couple of shows together. And originally it started off as just kind of a novelty type of idea and we were laughing about it,” the crooner explained. “And Jay being the entrepreneurial magician that he is, [it] seemed like the next week…It was like he had a whole list, ‘I have these stadiums we can do if you’re available.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ And then we just started talking about it and then we thought ‘why not?’”

The “Legends Of The Summer Tour” will kick off in Toronto, Ontario on July 17th and will make stops in about 10 other cities.

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    Youngins kill me. Some artists don't need a buzz to tour, their following is just that big. Hov is one. JT is another. Them touring together is all about opportunity and MONEY. Stop hatin damn. JT can drop albums with no promotion and they gon sell. Same with Hov. Weezy. Usher. Eminem. Pitbull. ETC. And they don't necessarily need co headliners. But why not combine their fan bases? Haters

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  • Hip Hop Fan

    I see a lot of people saying Jay can't do a tour himself or is riding coattails to stay relevant. Did you all think that Kanye and Timberlake want to do songs and tour with Jay to get more exposure. It works both ways, why else do you think Kanye is mad that he can't work and tour with Jay again. Think about it

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      timberlake dont need Jay ... his last tour grossed over 150 MILLION... NO CO-HEADLINER EITHER. WHen was the last time JayZ did a tour without another superstar headliner? Well, it was in 2009 and he had to cancel three shows due to low ticket sales.... When was that tour like 6 years ago, Justin needed some star power to get his buzz up again and who else to get Jay to help out. They both needed each other to make a big impact. Timberlake needed both the white and black audience's attention and Jay provides a little of both. Also, the song with Jay is doing a lot better than the other track Justin released. Regarding Kanye he was on a little slump for two years and him and Jay did Ni**as in Paris which picked him back up. Also, Kanye can't make a hit without features. Kanye's last solo single was in 2008/2009, just saying.

    • yyyy

      Timberlake was at the height of his popularity when he did that tour for Futuresex/LoveSounds. The truth of the matter is, neither JT nor Jay-Z have enough momentum to do that kind of a tour alone. They need each other. Neither one of them is that hot right now.

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      timberlake dont need Jay ... his last tour grossed over 150 MILLION... NO CO-HEADLINER EITHER. WHen was the last time JayZ did a tour without another superstar headliner? Well, it was in 2009 and he had to cancel three shows due to low ticket sales....

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