Machine Gun Kelly Disses Fader & Explains Notorious B.I.G.'s Influence

Machine Gun Kelly calls Fader Magazine "hipsters" and explains why "Sky's the Limit" is his favorite Notorious B.I.G. song.

An angry Machine Gun Kelly called in to speak with DJ Whoo Kid recently and expressed some of his frustration. Mostly, his anger was sent towards Fader Magazine, explaining that he feels they have "banned" him from the pages of the publication. Later, he calmed a bit down and explained how Notorious B.I.G. played an influential role in his life. 

"Fader Magazine can suck my dick," he said, angry that the magazine has never put him on the cover. "They've never bigged me up. Those little hipster fucks banned me from their magazine. Fuck them. And their covers suck anyway. They put the weakest...Man, I can't believe I had the audacity to want to be in that magazine at some point in my life."

The current Bad Boy rapper also explained how he got into Biggie and why "Sky's the Limit" is his favorite Frank White track. 

"I was into Tupac first," he revealed. "I got into B.I.G. late. B.I.G. was someone I got into during high school. When I got into him, though, I really got into him. 'Ten Crack Commandments' was one of my favorite tracks he ever did. Matter of fact, "Sky's the Limit" is my favorite. I remember I used to run away from my dad's house. Sometimes my dad would kick me out. I would just play "Sky's the Limit" and it just made me feel okay all the time."

Machine Gun Kelly is currently prepping the release of his Black Flag mixtape, which will be out near the end of April.

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous

    lol i dont fuck with mgk's music, but i like the dude. he's honest/emo as hell LOL that shit about fader was hilarious

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule likes Eminem, but thinks MGK is Shady's retarded step brother.

  • Anonymous

    "curtis got classics what does rick ross have?" Ross has a membership to Costco. Top that Curtis!

  • 09 0000

  • it holds a hunded shots

    i picture mgk sobbing in a bush at the bottom of his street with the earphones in tellin biggie he knows his pain after running out his dads house for not cleaning his room

  • Anonymous

    "hes like rick ross he sucks at rapping" Using your logic then Curtis sucks too.

  • doug gabriel

    so this is a different person than yelawolf? and neither yelawolf or machine gun kelly are the drummer from Blink 182 right? so confused

  • Anonymous

    another level - termanology

  • Anonymous

    I dont mind this kid so much out, of all the annoying whiny Emo White rappers that are out these days, he's good by comparison. I never checked his album out but I liked the joint he did with Tech N9ne & Twista

    • Uh...

      Strange is far from wack.Tech N9ne,Ces Cru,Rittz,Mayday,Brotha Lynch Hung,Krizz Kaliko & Kutt Calhoun are wack?!nah.ur delusional bro. Crazy Overrated is Lil Wayne's career and Nikki Minaj.

    • Anonymous

      the most emo rappers i know are black (joe budden for example)

    • Anonymous

      strange is whack tech is crazy overrated

    • Uh..

      Whiney emo white rappers??...where the fuck do you get ur hiphop from my nigga? Who are these emo white rappers you speak of

  • 000000000004

  • Anonymous

    What a cry baby, Fader is like a lower tier magazine why would you get all worked up about not being in the magazine or on the cover.. hes just butt hurt thats all

  • Anonymous

    Fader always sucked. so does pitchfork and rolling stone is meh. old news.

  • jae 1

    well statn island comes to a beach every summer in nj lolll ill be theirrr with sliceee cokeee and chainsaws...i dont want a plane pizza or dust juice i wanna .............

  • jae 1

    u no i heard a car crashed but sumbody told me noi body ws in that car so i said oh well lolll

  • Anonymous

    You got into biggie late in highschool? Thats not late dude you look ten years old. Puff really fucked up by signing him and its not because hes white either.. hes like rick ross he sucks at rapping and his name is a real person who really did raw shit in their day.

    • Hip-Hop Bible

      Your an idiot. Understand that dude is not the same age as you.because he "look ten years old" which he clearly doesn't, does not mean shit.n ya know what...WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT HIM BEING A CLICHE ASS RAPPER BLOWIN SMOKE UP BIGGIES ASS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! MGK is the realest n best artist signed on bad boy since B.I.G. To keep it 100. "It's not because he's white"...shut up mad hes white as fuck n doin well on his road to success.the nigga is nothing like Rick Ross are you fuggin serious dude?lmao clearly you don't know shit about shit.Machine Gun Kelly was given to him by the people because of his boss flow.rick Ross just stole the name n ran with it.huge difference my uneducated yet hatin friend. Find a new way to be an asshole.

  • jae 1

    its friday rite?? ///

  • I'm Throwed Like Al Golden

    Funny how everybody on this planet started claiming their B.I.G's biggest fan after he got killed I don't remeber half these niggas talking about him when he was alive

  • jae 1

    tick tocc tickk tocc wel i jus watched sum mtv shows sum fake ones u ever notice how sum of it is fake lolll tick tocc //// noww loll umm left eye said tickk tocc then jueals sanrans said tick toc TICKK TITCKK TICKKKK /// its crazy how they wer scareing left eyeeee than method man made a video with busta still giving her the evil eye ////well me an aaliyah just came back from the storee we git sum cokee

  • Anonymous


    • Chi-Ill

      ^^^^^^ Nail in the cofin lol Good point

    • WorldStar

      So you will never listen to him?so that means you have never heard any of his material? How can you diss on someone you never gave a chance?lmao fuckin people on hiphopdx attract the biggest ass clowns.swear.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, maybe FADER doesn't big him up because he's the wackest dude out. They put Future on the cover not too long ago (who I think has 0 talent), but at least people listen to Future. I never hear anyone be like, "Yo that new MGK is dope." Never in his existence have I ever heard that.

    • Yougonlearntaday!

      That's a bold statement.your dubbing this man "the wackest dude out" when in fact he is the farthest from make no sense either.u try to run this good artists name under the mud but big up a rapper who is actually wack?ur opinion is dead before it even starts.of course an MGK hater is not guna know anything else but MGK haters.its rare over here to find an MGK hater because we actually listen first.not make stupid ass judgements of 1 prolly only heard his BET Cypher verse,Wild Boy & Hold On...please tell me I'm wrong.that ain't shit compared to everything he has done. Watch the music video for his songs "See My Tears" & "We Are The Champions".then come back n tell me he is indeed "the wackest dude out".

    • Anonymous

      Nah they bump that future heavy. I tried to ignore him but everybody kept bringing him to my attention.

    • Anonymous

      i could say the same about future