Frank Ocean Reportedly Called A "Faggot" During Chris Brown Fight

Frank Ocean told cops that Chris Brown also threatened to shoot him.

Details continue emerging from the fight between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean last week at a Los Angeles, California recording studio.

According to TMZ, Ocean told police that he was called a "faggot" during the altercation shortly before Brown threatened to shoot him. The Odd Future crooner was unclear who flung the homophobic epithet.

The fight, which lasted for two to three minutes, began after Brown punched Ocean after the latter said that he took his parking spot. Brown tried to shake Ocean's hand, a gesture that he refused. It was then that Brown punched him in the face, prompting two members of Brown's entourage to help him by backing Ocean into a corner where they tried to kick him. Ocean then heard someone call him "faggot" and Brown made a threat on his life, stating, "We can bust on you too!"

Ocean received a cut on his left temple and right index finger. He later took to his Tumblr page to state that he's not pressing charges.

Ocean, whose studio debut Channel Orange was recently certified gold, will perform at this Sunday's Grammy Awards.

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  • CalmlyInfuriated

    ...but, Frank Ocean "is" actually a freakin fag. He did COME OUT, but I guess he's a fag that hates the word fag. Uppity. He'd prefer to be called a "same-sex lover".lmao Seriously, though. Who cries to the cops that they've been called a faggot?

  • Anonymous

    Lol its fucking name calling.

  • Topflightrae

    Y'all some racist fucks, especially you white boys. Lame asses always wana talk shit over the computer

  • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

    All I know is half you so called "niggas" trashing Frank Ocean are 9 years old white kids from Utah who don't even know what a vagina is, and you might as well get your hands off the keyboard because mommy said it's bedtime.

  • Big Bang Theory

    I have nothing against Gays(hate Faggots) but reading the comments is one of the reason why people can't stand you motherfuckers in the first place. Like niggas on here is really comparing Slavery to hating gays. Or racism to Prejudice against gays. You homos can't be serious.

  • Anonymous

    if your a white faggot it's ok cus you cant tell the difference from a straight cracker and a faggot cracker. But if your a faggot nigger mark my words if any of me or my homeboys find you your a dead nigger

  • Losta

    Shiiiiit, Chris goofy ass better watch out, them Odd Future niggas will beat some ass.......

    • Troll

      Odd Future are too pussy to execute a "well-done" fight. Nearly the whole entire crew have been known for their pussified attempts. Remember when Tyler and Frank get the living shit scared out of them when they thought Chris Brown and his buddies were going to "hunt them down"? Remember the countless times Tyler started shit of Twitter and performed more bitch moves than a stripper hoe when 2Chainz, Rah Digga, BOB, fucking Miley Cyrus, and many others responded or called him out? Remember when Jasper did some shit on Loiter Squad and was screaming like a bitch (before he knew that he got pranked) afterward while getting chased down by a built Latino man? Odd Future is mostly filled with whiny, attention-seeking trolls who bit off Eminem, Gravediggaz, and several other rappers/musicians who did the shock value and "don't give a fuck" thing much, much better. And Chris Brown is clearly a closeted-homo, along with Lil Wayne.

  • Fuckthisfool

    Chris Brown is a bitch-ass punk and he needs a real good smack in the fucken teeth.

  • Flatbush Get That Money Forever

    That's no excuse. I mean, so what??? I call friends married to women "faggots". No one has ever sued me for it. Plus, everybody there said Frank Ocean started the fight.

    • Lol

      Who exactly is everybody? At least Ocean has some sort of witness saying he wasn't starting shit. I wouldn't want to shake Brown's hand either. He's a terrible person in every sense of the word and very far from a man.

  • hmmm...

    A lot of crap gets thrown around in a fight. As far as I can tell, Frank Ocean might be omitting the fact that he called Chris Brown a "woman-beater". Just trash talk, plain and simple, that escalated into a fight.

  • R.Pgh

    It's funny that the one with bleached blond hair who is light on his feet called someone else a faggot.

  • Fish

    How is this news??? The headline basically reads 'A faggot has been called a faggot'

  • Anonymous

    You know someday Chris Brown will piss off the wrong person. I really hope he does because he has had it coming for a while now.

  • jimmy gloxk

    ocean is a faggot, fact. so why not call him like that.

    • Shawn Smith

      Because its fucking degrading, thats why, Frank Ocean is a human being who happens to be black and gay, but that doesn't mean you can run your mouth off as you please. Why should you marginalize some one based off their sexuality? It has nothing to do with their character nor their worth. Most of us (who are at least some what educated) don't go calling people "niggers" or "faggots" because we know better, we know that there is no basis for insulting people based upon there skin colour, gender identity or sexual orientation because it isn't an accurate judge of if they're a douche bag or not..

  • Chris Brown

    This How It Went Down

  • Anonymous

    Chris Brown and 2 friends put a gay guy in a corner and said they would 'bust on him'

  • Anonymous

    i aint with tha homophobic slurs but frank ocean is bein a diva he think cause he climbed the charts for the first time in his career dat hes on top hes a nobody. His whole album was boring trash the only reason ppl support it cause of the whole gay thing lgbt supporters need sum1 to root for so they root for him. Frank Ocean is garbage. PERIOD. Every1 i know switch the station when his song come on cause its not good at all radio just plays it cause gay ppl wanna support him. And now he bitch about a parking spot??? the report says Chris Brown tried to shake his hand but Frank Ocean was bein a bitch so he snuffed him idk if i wuda hit dude in that situation id prob just walked away but yea Frank Ocean is a lame n his music sucks

    • Fuck Outta Here

      he was acting like a Diva bitching about a fucking parking space then refusing to shake a mans hand, but Channel Orange was dope, regardless of who made it.

  • Anonymous

    LOL who does Chris brown think he is? ""We can bust on you too!" hahahahahahahahahaaha. Nigga only hits women and "faggots", right.

  • mitcholos

    How Do Chris Brown Fans Live With Themselves !? He Brutally Beat A Woman's Face With His Fists. He Called A Molestation Victim A "Faggot" Who "Probably Enjoyed It" He Got Into A Fight With A Homosexual SuperStar And Called Him A "Faggot" Too. INSENSITIVE, ABUSIVE, ATROCIOUS MUSIC COMPOSER And General Shit Head Who Can't Even Spell Or Speak Correctly. So How In The Fuck Is This Man Your Idol !? On Behalf Of Sensible, Considerate And Humane People: Eat Shit Team Breezy. Chris Brown Ought To Be Mopping Floors In Fast Food Restaurants For Less Than Minimum Wage. Not Rolling Around In YOUR Money. YOU ARE ENABLING AN ABUSIVE ASSHOLE WHO HASN'T LEARNED HIS LESSON OR GROWN UP.

    • Va

      Chris Brown is no thug. He is a little girl from outside the capital of Virginia. He didn't sport all those hideous tattoos until his publicist told him to. He's no gangster or anything close to being tough. That dude has big ass security guards because he is afraid. I don't pretend to be a thug or gangster, but I'll tell you right now I'd wreck that ignorant twat in a fair one. His music is garbage, and he doesn't represent our state of VA well at all. You bash a woman's face in like that, and still somehow people give him their hard earned money. If a dude did that to any woman in my family, he'd already be at the bottom of the potomac. My point being, Frank Ocean, a gay man, is more a man than Chris Brown will ever be. Breezy isn't even welcome back in most spots of Virginia, stay out in LA where you can live that fantasy. In the end you are just a hateful bama who has a thing for abusing women. Fuck outa here.

    • Anonymous

      chris brown a straight thug from the streets of VA...he bringing light skinned back're just a haterrrrrr...and a faggot....and a liberal.


    What else you call a nigga who sucks dick?

  • Jew Money

    awwwwwww.. poor faggot.

  • Chuck Grey

    Why is this even news and on the homepage? Pushing articles like these only serves to undermine HiphopDX as a trust worthy, Hip hop representative and encourages gossip. This sort of direction will simply lead to Hiphopdx eventually becoming a cheap tabloid style site, with little to no representation on real hip hop affairs. Sad. Whoever is responsible (the editor?) for allowing this and this type of content to be consistently published needs to seriously re-evaluate what direction HIPHOPDX is taking. Hopefully one which doesn't publish this negative rubbish.

    • Guy

      I think all hip hop sites want to secretly become like world star. This site just uses articles instead of videos.....when they dont got videos.


      Its grammy week and all indications are that the media machine is pushing for Frank Ocean to get a piece of the action. hhdx is no exception. Thus the sympathy incidents and articles, that fight probably never even happened and CB is probably gettin some good $ to act the part. It happens every year ...

  • Kawoin

    Calling someone a Fag isnt cool like claling a female a bitch isnt acceptable Chris Brown should have been charged with a HATE crime the DA needs to take this case up Make a example out of people like that. ( In reality its not a hate crime though because Chris Brown is the biggest SO CALLED fag out there, he just havent come out the closet yet.

  • Adam

    Why is this a shock to anyone or even news? Would anyone expect him to be called nothing in a fight? I'm not condoning calling anyone that word, but this didn't need an article.

  • Kawoin

    Chris Brown is the only true "Fag" i see, if your so bad you dont need back up to help you and certainly wouldnt get so pressed over someone not shaking your hand. Chris Brown And MArtyns GAY DM's got leaked from twitter GOOGLE it, its all factual. Chris Brown is what you would call a "Power Bottom" with some money. That's all Frank Ocean should have pressed charges against that dick in the booty drama queen. Chris Brown is going to be laid to rest real soon if he doesn't control he's rotten attitude. Frank should have gotten a few punches in too. Fyi- IF it wasnt true about Chris brown being a so called "DL" gay man he wouldnt have blocked me from twitter @TopModelQuan. All i did was ask him was the leaked DM's true? I guess i pinched a nerve with hes sensitive weak ass.

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck are people in the comment sections comparing racism to gay discrimination? Those are way two different things. You don't choose the color of your skin or what family you're born into but you do choose to be gay and have intimacy with the same sex. Don't give me that whole "but university studies say" bullshit because universities lie all the fucking time.

    • I was with you

      I was with you until you spewed this bullshit: "You don't choose the color of your skin or what family you're born into but you do choose to be gay and have intimacy with the same sex. Don't give me that whole "but university studies say" bullshit because universities lie all the fucking time." I fucking hate when people mess up their arguments with ignorance. SOME people might CHOOSE to be gay or are sexually confused, but there are some legitimate cases were homosexuality can be inborn, hormonal, and/or psychological (not crazy/insane, but just psychologically different). Btw hun, the government lies MUCH MORE than universities do. I highly doubt that universities lie often.

    • Anonymous

      "Don't give me that whole "but university studies say" bullshit because universities lie all the fucking time." wow, youre fucking dumb

    • Tapeworm

      put it this way you can hide being gay you can't hide being black... unless your michael jackson RIP but then again he couldn't hide cause he was michael jackson

    • anon

      So, when did you choose to like women?? Seems there must have been a time in your life where you didn't know if you liked women or men but you CHOSE to like women..See for me, I didn't choose, I just like women...Sounds to me like you a confused lost lil boy, trying to hide it through tough guy talk in the internet..What college did you get into??

    • BP

      I smile everyone someone stupid gets ethered

    • I'm With Stupid

      Yea, lets not trust peer reviewed studies on the epigenetic roots of homosexuality, and trust the anonymous dipshit on the internet. Aight.

  • Anonymous

    kill all faggots exterminate these scum



  • Anonymous

    Bitter heterosexuals that can't their dick up if a homosexual is around. That's how the hate starts. But if it's you're homeboy or if the "faggot" casually suggest a lack of interest let alone asserts it, there goes your hormones. That's Gay Homie. Doesn't matter how you put it, that is Gay. And I'm Gay. And I've fucked several straight guys knowing the chances of asserting my sexuality dominantly. I'd fuck you and your daddy.

  • Anonymous

    You have a bunch of masculated faggots relying on the power of Jesus to protect their faith in themselves and their manhood targeting their divinely justified hate on a "faggot". Get the Fuck Outta Here!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now you're gonna see a bunch of homophobic faggots talking about defending Chris Brown in hopes of defending their intelligence as atypical "men", you're not men, you're boys. Supporting a child at best. Get on your grown man shit homeboy. Beat on a "faggot" and try to prove your worth but some might buck back O... You. Yes you.

  • mark

    but I thought he was a faggot? I thought he came out about it?

    • meezy

      Faggot is a derogatory term relating to homosexuals similar to how nigger is a derogatory term referring to african americans, chink is a derogatory term referring to asians, paki is a derogatory term referring to south asians and sand nigger is a derogatory term referring to arabic people. Thats the problem.

  • Yo

    The actual faggot here is Chris Brown. Has been, and will always be. Punching women, going 3 on 1 on a total un-aggressive guy. Fuck daaaaat

  • Anonymous

    frank ocean has to be the biggest pussy of all time. if chris brown was really homophobic he won't be shaking your hand. then u reject his handshake like u was on thug shit or something. if i was chris brown i woulda punced u too.TWICE. also, why would u tell the cops he called u a faggot. i'm trying to picture that scenario. you opened ur mouths and told the cops: "he punched me and he called me a faggot." I'm sure they didn't ask you all that but since you wanted to make it a hate crime, u opened ur mouth and said that. What a bitch!

  • Anonymous

    So wait... Frank Ocean talks shit about Chris Brown, starts a fight when he sees him, takes a loss in the fight, tries to make him self look like the victim, presses charges like a bitch, gets exposed for starting the beef and drops the charges... Now he's trying to turn it in to a hate crime? Wow! The level of bitchassness in the game is at an all time high! If your defending this your as big as a faggot as Frank Ocean!

  • Real Ni99a Johnny Blue

    Well... he is a fa99ot!

  • The level of ignorance on here is insane...

    A lot of homophobia on sad...during the Jim crow era they threw the N word around and discriminated against black people also.I guess that was okay in most of your eyes.Stop being ignorant.

    • @ Stop

      I would never compare levels of anything fam.But it's insane that if your history included being excluded and looked at as lesser than other human beings,that you would turn around and do it to another group.I may not agree with the lifestyle but to blatantly call them "Faggots" and disparage them considering the abuse that black people received is just wrong and hypocritical.Let them live.

    • Stop

      Tapeworm is right. @Anon3 - EVERYONE can be subject to discrimination and hate crime, so there is no denying that at all. You could be white, black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Buddhist, homosexual, short, blonde-haired, disabled, female, single, etc. etc. etc. However, please ask yourself this. Were gays ever kept as slaves? Were gays deprived of their surnames and had their offspring sold? Did gays ever get segregated and put into a "homosexual" school? Maybe if one were black gay one of those things could've happened not because one gay, but because one was black! No one (slave owner, bus driver, teacher, anyone) would know you were gay unless you made it known. Black skin is a form of physical appearance, whereas homosexuality is not (unless you choose to "express yourself" in a flamboyant manner). The only thing gays are having trouble with are marriage rights and some discrimination. They are already allowed to join the military. The main problem is that many people of the LBGT community and gay activists claim that they are treated like second-class citizens when that is not necessarily the case (maybe those living in the Middle East or Jamaica). EVEN people between ages of 18 and 20 feel like they get treated as second-class citizens just because they can do ANYTHING they want except drink, which is just fucking absurd. I am not saying that blacks are special or better than gays. I am saying that you CANNOT compare is the severity of discrimination, as well as the hardships of both groups. Many people of the black community often more subject to troubles financially, legally, and such mainly due to their environments and upbringing. Also again, color of skin cannot be concealed, but personal and individual attributes like "homosexuality" are recessive and are able to be hindered. Blacks have gained much more acceptance over the years, but they are still going through a lot shit and stereotyping. Same for homosexuals, women, single mothers, Latinos, Muslims, disabled, and many other "abnormal" people. Blacks were really treated much more horribly than gays. Do not let the media and gay bullying shit fool you. ANYONE that is different or outside of the norm (retards, fat people, ugly people, short people, Aspies, nerds, gay people, etc.) is subject to bullying or torment depending on the environment, not just gays. Example, if you go to a school filled with white supremacists, they will torment ANYONE who is not white, heterosexual, or Christian. If you go to a school with a 90% black and Latino population who show disdain toward "whiteboys", a "whiteboy" can get bullied. Some people can be subject to bullying more than others. Some people even have lives harder than others. However, no one is special just because they are gay, black or whatever. Everyone needs to recognize that we are all equal and that we all go through difficult shit.

    • Anonymous

      You are born black you are not born Gay. Thats the big difference right there. Its not the same anyone who thinks its the same is just fucking Gay simple. I bet you are the same faggots who believe people are born Gay. Fucking idiots.

    • Anonymous

      The comparison is the persecution of them both due to discrimination.Due to ignorance.Due to people who believe their struggle is worse than others.It is plain stupid to say black people suffered because of the color of their skin and origin and then say gays who were killed or shunned or beat up is a completely different thing altogether. This might be due to your religious beliefs and that's cool but on a human level when one group of people attack another because they think they are superior or that group of people is inferior it is discriminatory.Justifying it makes you a bigot....

    • Tapeworm

      Race cannot be hidden homosexuality can. Black people were enslaved and colonised for centuries, gays were not, there is simply no comparison. The audacity of people to say that it is the same thing means that they are racists deep down.

    • Anonymous

      lol ya it is

    • Anonymous

      lol not the same

  • Assassin221

    "Frank Ocean Reportedly Called A "Faggot" During Chris Brown Fight" Damn, is that really a headline now? Hip-hop has morphed into something else.

  • Anonymous

    Where's the GLAAD brigade? They were out in force when it was Lord Jamar talking about a skirt. Today when it's a bunch of comments about "fags", they're church mouse silent.

  • Jesus

    Chris brown and frank ocean probably had a relationship prior to all this shit lol. Frank wrote thinkin bout you about chris brown.

  • Anonymous

    The media is trying to make this into a hate crime when the beef really stems from something else. gofig

  • Anonymous

    What do you expect? The worlds just not going to stop being ignorant and dumb as fuck all of a sudden. You should already expect this shit. People are fucking stupid.

  • Starmani

    Frank Ocean: Chris i dont like you and i thought u were cool when u kicked it wit me, gotta take yur dick like Rihanna in IDAHO!" Chris: Nigga u gay LMAO

  • Ken

    haha people here are afraid of gay people. pussies

  • Blaknmil

    Why else would a fag tell a cop someone called them a "faggot"? Hate crime bullshit, shit 2 niggas got into it over a parking spot. Just so happens one dude knew the other was gay, so Chris Brown and his ppl jumped him talked some shit to him and left. WHAT? No robbery just jumped. Now the rest of you can do with it what you want to, but that pretty much sums it up, so why is this "news"? Peace

  • 88

    Gay ppl are ruining this country.

    • 187

      Adam why don't you grow up and stop using racial epithets if you wanna be taken serious you uneducated devil

    • Fuck Chris Brown

      Cdfiftyone. You are a dumb fuck. Those violent gay people on put into account and gays are still the least violent category of people. He isn't wrong fool. Also fuck the police they are nothing but power hungry bitch men

    • CDfiftynine

      Actually Adam that's a giant generalization to make. And a very wrong one at that. In Chicago, Lakeview (affectionately dubbed "Boys Town" for reasons relevant to this topic..) police officers have plenty of trouble to handle from all the fights that brew in the after-hours at gay clubs. These bums cause so much trouble, police officers in Chicago have to deal with their BS. I love how you throw "nigger" around. Stupid fuck.

    • adam

      No, religious people are.... and grow up, they said the same shit about black people, gay people are normally more wealthy and commit less crime than straight people so I don't understand where you even get that from, grow up you uneducated nigger.

  • Edubb

    Chris Brown called him a faggot. So what. Chris Brown hit on Rihanna. So what. None of these events have an affect on my life or any of you people who like to hate on Chris Brown. Many of you need to get a life and do something productive that does have an affect on your life.

  • Britton

    To sum it all up... Frankie is performing at the Grammy's this Sunday, Chris Brown will forever be linked to beating up a woman.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Dammnit I'm sick of hearing about Frank Ocean and all his man lovin. This nigga just pushing that gay shit for records sales. CB would whooped this nigga ass. Shoulda Rihannad this nigga so we can stop hearing about him and his loverboys. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed Reed

    This site may as well be labeled "TMZ.2" Fucks just post gossip and bullshit rather than news that hiphop heads give a fuck about.

    • Agreed

      Co-signed. I am actually a bit surprised and disappointed about the headline title, and that they keep rehashing this "story" when the fight has already been resolved by both parties. Furthermore, HipHopDX shouldn't post this meaningless bullshit, but they know that people will read and comment on this shit anyway due to its ridiculousness (I'm guilty as well).

  • YO

    Doesn't Tyler call him that all the time???

  • Anonymous

    Chris Brown is a fuckin faggot too. He beats on women and homosexuals. Gimme a couple rounds with that boy. I'll knock his head off into next week.

  • Anonymous

    Next on Fuc Newz at 5. Weirdo's Kanye West and Wiz Get whores pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    So what? They're both faggots... SMFH! How is this news?

  • Anonymous

    fuck both that flaming faggot and that bitch ass hoe slappin fool brown

  • Anonymous

    "We can bust on you too." haha pause! these r & b niggas is soft man this isn't news

  • The B

    But he is a faggot though, right?

  • Anonymous

    What did Frank Ocean expect once he came out? Not justifying what happened or was said, but Ocean is making this worse, first by saying he was going to press charges, and now bringing this up. Let it go. It happened.

  • what

    man fuck all that. press charges on that bitch

  • DAMN

    Chris Brown trying to be a thug beating on harmless homosexuals, Rihanna did a number on this nigga

  • Anonymous


  • asdas

    Okay, Frank Ocean is gay. It's 2013, who the fuck cares. Chris Brown is the real fucking faggot here.



  • Jovanny10

    This Hoe is a Bitch, what else is he if not a Faggot

  • ....

    "We can bust on you too!" Does anybody else realise that Chris Brown wanted to gang rape Frank Ocean?!?!

  • Jack

    Why is it a bigger story that he was called a faggot and not the fact he was threatened to be shot?

  • Anonymous

    tmz is also reporting that chris brown faked his community service for his probation and wasnt even in the country on some of the days he claims to have been working

  • jesus

    breezy mad ocean taking his spot as rap hookman