Lord Jamar Disses Kanye West On "Lift Up Your Skirt"

Brand Nubian's Lord Jamar releases a song attacking Kanye West's fashion choices.

After taking to Twitter and conducting an interview with Vlad TV to criticize Kanye West's fashion choices in wearing a leather kilt, Brand Nubian's Lord Jamar has released a diss track aimed at the rapper titled "Lift Up Your Skirt."

On the cut, the Five Percent philosopher goes in the G.O.O.D. Music rapper, putting him in the crosshairs for introducing skinny jeans to the Hip Hop community and calling him a "fag."

"Somebody mad at my hashtag / Instagram black man, lookin' half a fag / With a blazer and dress, I'm just amazed at the mess / Pioneer of this queer shit is Kanye West," he raps. "Yeezy introduced the skinny jeans to the Rap scene / Then wore a fuckin' skirt on the video screen / Then he wore it again at a memorial / I can't pretend that the shit ain't deplorable."

Jamar, who gives props to 'Ye for his music on the song, recently spoke to HipHopDX about his stance on homosexuality and using anti-gay epithets in his lyrics. "First of all, my stand on homosexuality is I don’t agree with it but everybody has their own free will in this world," he said. "And if that’s how you choose to live, you do you. I don’t agree with it; I feel like it’s a distortion of mind. But that’s up to me. You don’t have to live in my universe and I don’t have to live in yours. So I don’t regret nothing I said … ‘cause it’s all real."

Listen to the track below.

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  • Quentin MacLeod

    I don't agree with homosexuality either but at the same time I do wear a kilt on ocassion. My reasoning for wearing a kilt is (1.) comfort, (2.) nostalgic to a more masculine era, (3.) I've had more compliments for wearing it. It's kind of a conversation piece to some people. Ultimately I agree to disagree. Personally I'd rather wear a kilt and have someone ask me about my background rather than wear my pants half covering my ass and have people make fun of me. But again, that's just me.

  • Barrio18, E'zup!

    "Lord Jamar will live long, cuz I give strong blows the heads of my foes" More legendary rappers need to continue to speak out about this bullshit going on. Hip-hop culture is being obliterated.

  • Anon

    This guy really needs to make a track about what Kanye wears? Seriously, why the hell would he care so much

  • Bowser

    Yea Lord Jamar u right. Black people should be wearing baggy jeans and rapping about getting rich selling poison to their communities, not being yourself and self-expression. Then when the police investigate them, they can claim that "the white man" is keeping them down.

    • Baker

      No he's saying for rappers to quit being fags. It's not Hip-Hop atleast what he's accustomed to. Not to mention it just breeds fags like Lil Wayne and Young Money who don't express themselves they express the ignorant role that they want the masses to mimic which in all honestly is worse because atleast the drugs are going to twacks.

  • IROC

    Big ups to lord Jamar, im not feeling these purse wearing skirt wearing half a man dudes that goes for wack azz asap rocky and any other wack rapper promoting foolisness ,oh wack rapper juelz dip set wearing girl belts and panties hiphop is Dying Nas said it was dead im listening to old school and R&B now

  • wakeup

    You may not like the way Lord Jamar expresses himself and I personally don't care if Kanye wears a leather 'kilt' designed by gay designers from GQ magazine - which has always basically been a white magazine for gay and bisexual men although some straight men do read it. But Lord Jamar can speak on it because he is one of the originators. Afrocentric, educating both blacks and non blacks about the heart of hiphop. How can people here, regardless of age, disrespect him the way some of you are doing here? The issue is about the kind of direction people like Jay Z and Kanye are trying to take hiphop - Jay Z won't sign people who epitomise the old school no matter how relevant, he won't give props to those who are living reminders of the original spirit of hiphop, whether they are young or old. The Jay Z/Kanye hiphop echoes the way white corporate entertainment groups are taking over hiphop. The emphasis is on alternative - but not the kind of alternative spirit that hiphop was birthed in and continued. The Jay Z/Kanye hiphop is about appealing to this corporate culture especially as there are many gays/bisexuals in the entertainment industry. I don't care about those people's preferences but I do care that black people who make better music and are in touch with their communities are dismissed as insignificant. Jay Z seems to be into promoting this agenda because he likes types like Kanye who don't pose any threat to him. He could never be a man and treat artists like LL Cool J who took hiphop mainstream but stayed true to the culture with respect because he is happy to play along with white divide and rule. You think Jay Z would be in this position if he hadn't deliberately chosen to do this kind of thing? No way. It's about how he played the game with the non blacks at Def Jam. It's about how he plays the game by promoting the white fashion industry - where black women are still expected to have lighter skin. It's about white fashion, elitism, flaunting wealth that in the actual world is made on the backs of people like those who started hiphop. They are distorting hiphop. That's the problem. Nas was relevant in the 90s and he's still relevant now. He pays homage to the old school, still gives interviews where he informs the white mainstream audience that now is supposedly 'into' hiphop about hiphop's history. Where it comes from. Who was and is representing the communities who birthed and cherished hiphop in different styles. But Nas isn't promoted the way Jay Z and Kanye are because he IS part of the hiphop culture still and always will be instead of promoting others' agendas.

    • Big Bang

      Im late and this shit is long, but i have think this to my self for the past 10-15 years. Everything you said is so true real shit.


    i luv this track.. It made my night.. Wouldn't b no Fagg-ye w/o MEN like this. Kenye disrespecting rap and men with these bullsh&t antics. I'm sick of what they makin real look like. Open them cloudy eyes and be blessed by the gift of choice n' vision people- That ain't it!!! Let people like kenye out the game-they murkin the waters..

  • What

    Well it about time someone said it enough is enough it time for the skirt wearing and tight jean wearing to go away it straight Gay

  • Anonymous

    I will say this again. There's a new posting on this site about Frank Ocean being called a faggot. There are plenty of comments on that posting displaying homophobia, why aren't you over there commenting like you are here? HYPOCRITES.

  • No Disrespect Though

    Lord Jamar is a wrap..The Gay Agenda is in full swing. As soon as men started wearing women blouses, skinny jeans, pigtails, friendship bracelets, nail polish, dresses, and now mini skirts...you just have to let time take its course. WHite men are use to faggotry but black men are just now becoming accepting of these alternate lifestyles. and thats not to say black men werent gay before but just not in popular culture. SO as the industry groom men to be more feminine and breed hate and discrimination amongst men to women you see the shift in the children. this is a fact. In 10 years from now hip hop will be a rave show.

    • @Bush Baby

      @Bush Baby, that's not an African tribe son, that's the Sambia tribe of Papua New Guinea.

    • No Disrespect Though

      LMAO @bUSH bABY ....if your gay.. your gay. no hate from over here but those are lies you are spewing and you know it. If it wasnt for the genius of African you have most of your luxury and that goes in every sense of saying. FACT


      ^^ Bush Baby am in Afrika (Nairobi, Kenya to be specific) and i guarantee you aint nothing like that down here! What are you trying to do? Out-insult black people in africa coz americans are insulting your homo-ass?

    • ^

      "Tribal people in Africa have to suck the dick of their elders and swallow their seed before they can become a man in their culture." Where did you hear that from, madeupmonkeyshit.com?

    • Bush Baby

      Tribal people in Africa have to suck the dick of their elders and swallow their seed before they can become a man in their culture. And its whites that are used to faggotry... And you don't know shit about where hip hop will be in 10 years, you just started listening to it yesterday. In the immortal words of Kool Keith, you WHACK!

  • Anonymous

    To everyone chastising those who've never heard of/don't like this guy... In what way is "90s" hip-hop real hip-hop? Not knowing obscure 90s MCs who are irrelevant today is not a reflection of musical knowledge as much as a reflection of the age you grew up. Everyone's heard of Pac, Biggie, Big L etc. I wasn't ashamed to admit I had no idea who the hell MC Eiht was before Kendrick put him on a feature, but I looked him up, and he was alright. This guy may have been relevant in the 90s, but for the 90s babies, who grew up with Roc-a-Fella, Aftermath, Shady and G-Unit, this guy is an absolute nobody. That's not a reflection of anything, other than the pathetic elitism of so-called hip-hop fans.

    • MalcolmLittle

      @ donnis mac, man I done read some real ass comments in my day fam, but what you said ranks right near the top far as all-time realest. Can't tell most of these youngins shit though, they act like the world just didn't exist whatsoever before they dropped outta their mama's musty ass monkey. Plus you gotta remember, all those babies from the crack era HAD to get older eventually...it just happened quicker than any of us expected.....

    • donnis mac

      The issue is the ignorance applied when it comes to the past. There was a comment last week saying Rosa Parks was a "greedy bitch" because she sued Outkast. Are you willing to tell me that because you don't know who she was in life because you are young that you are entitled to speak in that manner? You can't deal with the now world if you do not understand it's history, all you are doing is choosing sides because of emotion and not factual information. The greatest lie being told right NOW is that slavery was a long time ago so get over it. BUT.....................they still treat Blacks as slaves (14 positions in the NFL were open and ZERO Blacks were hired. Andy Reid got a job days after he was fired and Lovie Smith is STILL unemployed). BTW Lincoln, unless you have absolute proof that no one wants to listen to Kane you should keep quiet. He still books shows, and that alone makes your statement incorrect. And if you think Kane would be marketed to Drake fans you are grossly confused. A prime example to counteract this ignorance is that vintage cars are cherished by many people more than new cars. And a common cliche is just because YOU don't know doesn't mean everyone else doesn't. To summarize for the slow, the elder statesmen never said that Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Parliament, Chuck D, Rick James, Melly Mel were old and irrelevant because they didn't make "now" music, and times had changed. They EMBRACED their history (80's Mtume "Juicy" being used for Biggie Smalls' 90's single). And if you have to classify embracing your history as "elitism" then you are PART OF THE PROBLEM. YOU are denoting that NEW is better.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign to both of you. One thing - I don't think anyone's ever described Metallica as "rock and roll"

    • GaugeLincoln

      No sir it's called history. Rock and Roll is what elvis did not what Metallica does. What they did before is not what they do now. And cmon enough with the "this isn't hiphop," bullshit. No one wants to ride around listening to fuckin big daddy kane anymore. Not that he wasnt the truth but you get it. Time moves on

  • TyrannyofMan

    Yall are missing the point of what he is saying...Its not about just about Kayne..But he is using Kayne because he started some of this shit and its much easier using a single target to make a example of...He is talking about the main stream hip-hop game in general and how its emasculation of men and all the down fall it brings with it...It's almost like not cool to stand as a strong masculine man anymore...Now we need to act like bitches and get in to cat fights...Dudes gonna start pulling hair next...I cant explain the message to you..You need to listen and hear it yourself...The ones saying fuck Jamar and shit are most likely dudes that are jocking this new feminine gay ass fashion and over all female like attitude that contradicts what a man should be...Opposite of a woman...I love females...Their body, minds, their scent, and all that...But on them...not me...Im a fucking man...With rough hands, a deep voice, hair on my body, and a dick in my pants and I definitely act like it...

    • MalcolmLittle

      You're gettin too cerebral for em, they dunno about readin between the lines to get to the real meanin of shit. If it ain't that surface bullshit they can't even begin to process it cuz they were never taught to think for themselves.

  • Orochimaru

    Fuck all this talk about the "black man getting fucked over by the whites" blacks are the cause of their own downfall you kill each other over egos and superficiality. And the girls are walking time bombs, ready to explode at any moment. All the rap music that "whitey" likes so much was made by BLACKS. Just because white people like your music doesn't mean they're exploiting you. Ain't nobody exploiting you but yourselves.

  • Doubl Negative

    I deplore any bastard who tries to justify homosexuality by comparing them to Black people. These idiots don't realize their extrapolating platitudes - "If Blacks can marry, why can't we?" etc, are not only deeply offensive and fatuous they also weaken their argument if they can't think of suitable arguments relating to their specific cause without trying to mitigating their plight by attaching themselves to Blacks. I do, however have an affinity with gays. Obviously not due to ethnicity, but I'm equally treated as a social pariah due to something I enjoy doing, which the general populace think is unnatural, disgusting, unhealthy and unsightly - smoking. The main difference between myself and gays is I'm reconciled to the fact many people find my lifestyle choice anti-social and I never try to force views on people and accept enjoying an unnatural activity comes with losing certain liberties. I would never align myself with Jews because we're both stigmatized. Gays are not a race of people, they merely have an abnormality. That doesn't mean they desrve to persecuted, but they should have no more rights than other similar groups. As for this story, I don't care how Kanye dresses, even if he was gay that's his choice, but Brand Nubian were one of my favourite acts in the nineties and I never found any of their content offensiv so I can't diss dudes, and any one on this site ought to hold the same opinion.

  • Anonymous

    haha! He Jamar, remember what Jay said...."run up on Yezzy the wrong way i might murk you" ......You mad son? Oh, yeah....punks jump up to get beat down. HAHA! Let Ye be Ye, you into your 5% then do that!

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is just ashamed that he's probably sexually attracted to Kanye because why else would you be studying how the man dresses? Obviously, it's for attention, so why even make it into a news story?

  • Slick

    Respect to Lamar. I think the people who are really homophobic are the people who are scared of how the gays would respond if they say they disagree.I do not agree with people calling gays names and insulting them because that is how they choose to live. I do think its a form of depression and a away many people escape reality. many lesbians become lesbian to escape man problems,many homosexuals claim they are born that way,when you do the research and check the background it was almost always caused by sexual abuse or something that was /is not suppose to happen to a child. I disgree with it but if i voice my opinion and say i disagree with it,i could get fired from my job,yet homosexuals ask me my standpoint on it,they ask me am i for it or am i prejudice? this way they already decided that i am prejudice if i disagree. so i do not answer. it is almost impossible to talk about disagreeing with homosexuality and not be threated as prejudice,i dont think disagreeing is wrong. i think victimizing them is wrong.

  • ayee

    perhaps the most regressive and pointless piece of music i've heard in a while. pathetic lord jamar. get off your high horse.

  • GOD

    Hm Performs for a Watch The throne tour, wears Tunics, performs at a high classed place with a europe feel, wears masks..... By god guys, I think this is called playing a character. Holy shit Jay-Z was right. It is only.Entertainment. phew, I thought for sure Shakespeare used that skull for fashion, not a part of the show

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really give two fucks about Kanye Kardashian, and what he wears?

  • Amosasin

    eat a dick whatever your name be

  • chillthrills

    just like a bunch off these successful comedians,,,dress as a woman character,,get work,,,a man dressing as a female or rocking female shit,,,,,, should not have any place in hip-hop,,damn,let a man be a man,,,gays want their right to be gay,,, I cant even believe this is a debate,,the emasculation of the original man is in full effect,,,real men raise your sons to be strong heterosexual men that know how to provide for their families,to continue our existence,,the fight is mental now not physical,,dont let the fact that we have human rights,,overlook whats right, PLEASE DO THE KNOWLEDGE BROTHERS DONT FALL VICTIM

  • stankinASS

    finally someones talking sensible, good job Jamar!!!!!! fuck queers.

  • Anonymous

    It's Lord Jamar aware that MC's in the late 80's wore skinny jeans as well???

    • donnis mac

      Then you has flair leg (disco flair) or straight leg, you couldn't see the fresh shell-toes or Clydes so you went straight leg. Also they were barely making INSEAM and LENGTH measurements ("high waters") and "big and tall" was fat people clothes. Today you have loose, regular, straight, baggy, slim-fit, regular boot cut, slim boot cut, low-rise boot cut, skinny boot cut, skinny. With inseam and length measurements, big and tall sizes. There's a difference between making do with what you have, and specifically choosing from an array of custom choices.

    • chillthrill

      not skinny jeans,,,more like fitted jeans,,,,there is a difference

    • Anonymous

      since he started rapping in the late 80's i'm sure he's very well aware of that

  • WiB

    Such hypocrisy. The daily homophobic comments aren't addressed, but Lord Jamar is. There is a Lil' Wayne comment section filled with homophobia, see for yourself if the same screen names are fighting their battle on all fronts, or are picking and choosing fights.

    • WiB

      Your mental capacity can't contain the fact that I am not gay. I said the warriors who choose to slander Lord Jamar do nothing when it's the daily bloggers. Understand the gist of the comment before you become sensitive enough to reply.

    • Mental capacity

      First of all, their is no such thing as "homophobia" last time i checked homo meant same and phonia meant "fear of". no one is scared of homosexuals. if you say anti-homosexual that would be more accurate.As far as i am concern homosexuals have more fight that straight people now,these days people are convince that they do not have a right to disagree. I disgree with homosexuality, i can still co-exist with it.I recognise it something other people will do wheather i agree or not. the problem is you do not want to accept the fact that people will disagree with your lifestyle.if someone on dare to disagree with you. you would report them as prejudice or committing a hate crime. it is absolute bullshit. i have many things i do in my life that people disagree with, you dont see me saying they are prejudice. it is their opinion so i leave them the fuck alone.

  • Anonymous

    skinny jeans are gay i thought weezy introduced them to the rap scene and the leather kilt shit was for a the throne tour which makes sense since it goes with the theme



  • Mu



    This record is absolutely pointless. I seriously doubt the general public cares about Lord Jamar's view on Kanye wearing kilts/skirts. Lord Jamar was in the game early and much respect to him for that but musically he isn't even on Kanye's level. This is boring and not even a great record to begin with not to mention why did it take so long for this to come out because he has been rocking the kilt for some time now. Men who are constantly worrying about what another man is wearing is a little suspect to me. Make good music Jamar! Leave the petty shit to someone else.


      He's not calling him out on his music..... He's calling him out on the GIRL clothes he's introducing as MEN fashion. MV U missed the point homes!!

    • firehawk17

      well first off feminized men isn't petty...its a real problem..nothing masculine about skirts, or skinny jeans.. its not homophobic its not wanting to do what my girl does.. if a man wears a thong but sags it so its not up his ass does it make it ok? niggas are wearing women accessories...belts etc.. I have sons.. im affectionate with my kids but all the pink and all this blurs the line of what a man and a woman is.. thats why its a problem..its not petty.. men get beads in their braids..get hair pressed..at nail shops getting feet done etc.. There is a reason quality of life has dwindled.. we got more money and more opportunity but we don't live well.. niggas defense is always "make good music" when they are faced with a topic.. guess you let women beat you too right?.. you sag your pants too right? dont wear suits? own a business? own a house?.....weak ass niggas..

  • foreal

    i somewhat agree with Lord Jamar. I think kanye gets weirder everyday. BUT... he is close to the top of the hip hop world. As long as he is pumping out good music (no pun intended) i do not care what he wears or who he will diss at the next award show.

  • Yo

    It's fucking 2013 and this irrelevant joke is still bitching homophobic shit. Get the fuck outta here. People like you keep HipHop retarded.

    • Yo

      Why you even care about what other people wear?! You just a bunch of idiots being stuck in middle stone age. Don't you even realize discrimination against sexuality is no different from color? It's 2013. Mind your own business.

    • submit

      yall dumb mothafuckaz mad at lord jamar!?...get da fuck outta here...im rolling with him he is fuckin right...neva liked that skinny and gay dressing....yall just a bunch of fags if you think lord jamar is tripping...and i think you know lord jamar knows more hip hop then any motherfucker in this site

  • Anonymous

    It's true though, hip-hop has turned into some gay shit

  • Anonymous

    is this news? Brand Nubian always been homophobic or in other words SCARED of gays. Love their music from back in the days, but nobody is more irrelevant than this nigga

  • madeulook

    Lord Jamar and Brand Nubian are Afrocentric HipHop Legends. He and they can say what they like cause they earned it. They didn't earn it thru money or sucking the exploiters who own the music industry. They aint Kanye or Jay Z and they aint wanta be. They know who they are. They aint black men stabbing and shitting on their own to get Lyor Cohen's approval and earn money while losing their souls. Kanye West needs to know there is no HipHop tradition of behaving like a trick, a seller of ass, wearing women's clothes. He can do that all he likes but he doesn't get a pass on it from the HipHop traditionalists. Jay Z can get used by the exploiters to sell whatever he wants, he can make money by never doing anything positive for black people cause the only person he's doing anything for is himself. His 'contributions' are engineered by the non black people he went to begging to help make him a businessman. They did - and they own him. Kanye, Jay Z and many of them are not their own masters. They shit on and backstab other blacks to serve the white owners of the industry and the system. If Kanye aint like being called gay then he needs to stop dressing like that, behaving like a queen and screaming like a little girl when people notice the gay signals he's sending. He and Jay Z and others aint fit to tie Lord Jamar's shoelaces.

    • Anonymous

      Pipe down. Brand Nubian hasn't earned jack shit. Sadat X is a crack addict, while Jamar is afraid of men with designer labels.

    • Anonymous

      jay z has been very happy lately working with justin timberlake kanye west etc . Would like to see him make focused shit again. But seems hes happy this way

  • word

    "Lord Jamal" needs to sit his ass down, nobody is interested in his opinion, he doesn't matter in the bigger scheme of things, and he never will with weak ass rhymes like that.

  • Tonya Rider

    I think Lord Jamar makes a point. I just wasn't digging the song. Here's a joint that I thought was clever Tahir Jahi - Black Man in a Dress http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maxsYBzDqPw&feature=share&list=PLBC258EC50D753388

  • Anonymous

    i dont mind these OGs callin out all these Faqs iin the industry...

  • g

    How dare diss our hip-hop jesus.

  • Milehighkid303

    well what's worse: wearing XXXL size pants and showing ya ass to everyone on tha block or wearing skinny jeans?

    • Anonymous

      They're both the worst. Just wear regular fitted pants, goddamn it and stop dressing like women.

    • Jent

      u dumbass....just listen to lord jamars interview!...he said that he and hes era never wore jeans that are below youre ass...get ure shit straight before u talk...next time dont even speak bitch

  • Really?

    You must be a young nigga. Lord jamar is a member of the group Brand Nubian with Grand Puba, Sadat X and Dj Alamo. Their first album is the classic One for All and came out in 1990. Kanye was probably listening to these niggas back then.

  • Shone Jones

    Question: Which generation raised these feminine hipsters that Lord Jamar is bitching about? Answer: His Generation They failed to raised these kids properly, and now they're mad that their offspring were dumb enough to do that garbage. I hate people like that who can NEVER take accountability of their actions, especially the ones that refuse to acknowledge their mistakes.

    • ray

      You got it fam I'm done. Listen to Brand Nubian classic yes classic albums and you will hear what he considers a strong black man. Glad you brought up Jimmy and R.I.P Stack but you proved my point a generation way after Lord J's.

    • Shone Jones

      Well allow me to retort. What's Jamar definition of a strong Black image? A Malcolm X or an Obama type that openly displays his intelligence, or the thugged out cat that tries to scare people and makes threats to kill anyone? Brothers stopped innovating in clothing styles in fear of backlash. You know how close minded and judgmental folks can be when someone tries to do something new. That is why Stack Bundles and Jim Jones started that Rockstar garbage to make black folks feel part of something without being subjected to stereotypes because they knew that dudes were gonna stagnate and keep wearing the same styles forever. They started the path that led to Kanye wearing skirts. So if you wanna get mad at somebody, holler at Jim Jones!

    • ray

      That' wasn't what was talked upon homes. If we were talking about who started gangster rap then yes clown I would say Schoolly D and pSK or Kool G. Rap before i give it to the west. We were talking about who ushered in the non sense basically that shifted a movement in hip hop into the saggy pants then to the tight pants now as you can see skirts which your gay ass is defending.

    • Shone Jones

      Did you forget about a certain rapper from Philadelphia who set off the gangsta rap style with Saturday Night and PSK before the West Coast perfected that style? His name is Schoolly D AKA The Godfather of Gangsta Rap. Don't you ever, in your life, question my hip-hop history!

    • Ray

      Wrong fam maybe the era after Jamal and brand Nubian. They was part of the conscious hip hop that got shut down. That's when the West Coast came in with all the gun shit and the East coast started putting out artist like onyx. If anything Brand Nubian, Poor righteous Teachers, KMD, Public Enemy etc... tried to preach a message. The radio programmers are to blame and sponsors. Do your history before you chat.

  • Yo

    Yeah, that skirt was gay as hell, and Beans already dissed Kanye's style before. But Kanye is fucking Kim Kardashian, and ain't nothing gay about that.

  • Anonymous

    Tf is dis nigga? I ain't neva heard of him till he diss Yeezy.

  • wu wear

    Should've gone after the fag with the leopard print pants and furry boots, Lil' Wayne

  • 5thlion

    whether u agree or not on this mc dude still a legend he busted a new style i dont agree or disagree with his opinion i got my own still i acknowledge his place in hip hop only nigga made a quilt look manly was braveheart nigga kanye aint brave heart

  • DJ J-Ronin

    Lord Jamar and Brand Nubian are legends who have contributed a lot to hip-hop and helped put other younger artists on including Dead Prez. Its not about homophobia its about the emasculation of the youth. Taking away young peoples manhood. Kids today are so soft. No heart . A lot of em anyway. Fashion is just part of it. Kids need to know how to be a Man and take care of their families. Wearing tight jeans and a skirt is not helping the gender roles in our society. Ignorant violent shit is not helping either. . i know where Lord J is coming from and i salute him! ALSO For all you disrespectful lil shitheads on here popping shit under fake names, remember this! The coward has no face. You ain't shit but a internet troll. Come to a real hip-hop show and talk that shit! Watch how quick you will have your head knocked off!

  • fact

    the problem here is that this Jamar nigga believes he has a right to speak his verbal horseshit to those of a higher status than him. nigga sit your old washed up bitch ass down with your baboon monkey faggot posturing, Brand Nubian fucking sucked for the record, go back to Africa you 5 percenter ass clown. You aint relevant to life, kill yourself fool. and all you 90's loving faggot ass house niggas can go off ya selves as well

    • Ray

      Please kill yourself you'll be doing all of us including yourself a favor. Clown from birth I see. What does statues have to do with anything. I know what your status in society is worthless.

  • JoshRichRapsOfficial

    The real winner in this beef is Kanye. Nigga way more successful won many more awards than Mr. Jamar. And after this everyone is only going to speak on Kanye even more. Once everyone gets over their homophobia it won't be such a big deal.

  • S.S.

    Like it or not, gay shit is actually in with hip-hop so this dude is going nowhere with making a diss track just cause he thinks some dude is gay. Maybe he would have gotten attention like 10 years ago.

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    No matter what he does, he'll always be remembered as "Supreme Allah" from "Oz".

  • 5thlion

    shame cats dont know who this guy is dudes a lagend brand nubian changed hip hop back in the day niggas sayin kanye a legend fuck this dude dont know hip hop history

  • Anonymous

    "lift up your skirt" is probably the best name possible, for a disstrack vs kanye west.

  • LilBisKing

    kanye is the modern da vinci lord jamar is the modern lord jamar

  • Anonymous

    Ande 3000 wore a kilt and the nigga bi-sexual so it says alot about kayne faggot ass.

  • word

    As a Kanye fan, atleast a fan of his albums outside of 808's & heartbreak & MDTF(dnt think it sucked, but had higher expectations), him wearing dat kilt or whatever is just weird. Not a fan of it or those damn masks he wears at concerts but dats his own style. This Lord Jamar guy, who I've nvr heard of, has a right to his own opinion but dissing Kanye is just seen as a publicity stunt only cuz alot of the newer generation have no idea of who he is. But if as a rapper he chooses to call niggaz out, dats his decision & cnt be mad at dat. There's no difference about calling it out in an interview or laying it down on a track, either way he dissed Kanye & I agree with his statements about Ye's wardrobe.

  • Controverse

    Rap is about expressing yourself. We should all at least be able dress how we'd like to. It was a kilt. Who cares? this is dx, not fox new.

  • Your Name

    How about this for truth that needs to be addressed: This track is garbage wack

  • Anonymous

    There are some really stupid on this site. Lord jamar is not criticizing Kayne's music, he is telling the truth which is that the way he carries himself as a "man" is disgraceful.

  • Strong Blackman

    Peace...selflove and Power!...Lord Jamar has always been one of the great and consistent Gods and minds within the history of hip-hop. "The 5% album was a jewel on diverse levels which was slept on because the people are yet still asleep. ..but are waking up.....Nevertheless his latest compsition is brave , profound and needed because today there are forces which are attemting to superimpose there wills, attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles on others in an attempt to make the "abnormal normal". An attempt to make the reprobate, the concupicent and unatural natural. All of which is to the detriment of budding, impressionable young Black male and female minds. Surely no one quarrels with whatever manner of living one desires, but at the same time no one should be forced through persistent badgering to accept that which an individuals moral compass rebels against. As is the case of everything we see and every trend we follow and do not understand there are larger and more manipulative origins and objectives... So peace to the God for being brave enough to shine the light in the dark..For an even greater and more indepth of discussion of this, get former Morehouse College warrrior professor Baruti's book on the "Effiminization of the Blackmale"...

    • Anonymous

      Great post brotha, but a bit too long. When most kids on this site see a comment more than a paragraph long they dont wanna read it. Sad I know.

  • What

    Well someone had to say it, West music is good, but that wear skirt and tight jean got to stop, this is hip hop not fag hop

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is being hypocritical with this shit. Saying that what the Furious 5 wore was cool but what Kanye wore is so far fetched from it...sucka. Shit wasn't worth a diss track, yet alone a shit ass diss track. i say it again Lord Jamar isn't a legend but Brand Nubian as a whole is a legendary.

  • Anonymous

    Lord jamar would wipe his ass with this crossdressing wimp.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck these old niggas. What is this really gan accomplish? Besides us talkin bout this old nigga for 5 minutes. These old niggas prejudice. You can't name 5 men in your real life who you seen wear a skirt. Kanye decisions do not affect us just like this "diss" won't affect him. I hope Drake and the rest of the new niggas aint doin this in 20 years. _peacegod

  • Damn

    I find it hilarious how people are defending Kanye and them wearing dresses! Boondocks predicted this would happen in rap a lonnnnggg time ago. Rappers are wearing purses, diamond studs, long hair, training bras and finally the dresses AND IT'S ALL "OKAY"!!! lol I truly can't believe this shit...WOWWWWW

  • SMH

    I love the fact that the same niggas who defend Kanye are the ones who dissed him for his fashion choices, the shit he says, him impregnating a whore, co-signing wack niggas, etc. The niggas dissing Lord Jamar are obviously 90s babies who don't know shit about hip-hop outside of radio/MTV/BET. I'm a Kanye fan, but this shit is just ridiculous.

  • Caspar

    Well this is ridiculous. Although I like Kanye, I got no problem if you wanna diss him for selling out or being a general jackass. But this is fucking stupid, to be honest I've never listened to Lord Jamar but he's coming off as an idiot, what do you mean you don't agree with homosexuality, it's a thing there's nothing to not agree with. And y'all need to quit the homophobia, it's pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      Casper the friendly faggot

    • Caspar

      The media crams homosexuality down our throats in the same way it crams women or black people down our throats... Homosexuality exists, deal with it

    • disko

      u hav no idea of the knowledge that drops in his music bcause yall all hav been conditioned to hearin emcees brag how rich they are. i learned more from brand nubians than wat i learned in 9th grade. the media crams homosexuality down our throats(no homo)

  • Fuk Ye

    Kanye needs to catch AIDS and die!


    man fuck this guy, kanye is a fucking legend.


    I Love it baby!!! Lord Jamar symbolizes that Golden era of realhiphop Brand Nubian was tha ish! Love Sadat and Puba...I cant stand Jay Z, and Kanye is a great artist but he's the exact kinda guy 2 short was always clownin on everyone whos famous has probobly choppd kim kardashian and kanye "he fell in love with her man" hahahahaha that sqirt he wore was some str8 homo shit just like lil weezy's zeebra spandex pants he wore in concert...i dont kno why these homo rappers dont just come out the closet like their main man Frank Ocean did

  • OC

    I've been a Lord Jamar fan for forever, but weak track, weak diss. I don't care if he goes after Ye for wearing pretty dresses, but this shit was weak

  • kangay

    Fuck that fake ass wannabe Euro, greezy chested, chipmunk looking bitch. He hasn't made any good music for years. All he is doing now is bring back the eighties and the music fucking sucked in the eighties.

    • Haha

      I agree with you dude he dresses like a woman. I was just saying that the word euro wannabe made no sense in your first post, scott wannabe maybe yeah. Also I never said the english invented slave trading, I said they have destroyed numerous countries, cultures and were cruel murderers an thiefs who enslaved millions.

    • Haha

      ????? . How does reading a blog make one less intelligent? Great comeback lol. You just proved how small that brain is.

    • Kangay

      Not to mention that slave trading was around far before the English. And i was speaking more to his fashion sense. Stop trying to prove you are intellectually superior to others when you are clearing lacking you fucking cock sucker!

    • kangay

      Are you fucking kidding me? you are on a blog about kanye west you are not intelligent

    • Haha

      Kayne has always been a str8 bitch regardless of his music. But wannabe euro? Lol idiot. You obviously dont know anything about the world outside of your state. Your the type of nigg@ who makes us smart Americans look like idiots. Pick up a book or two , Europeans have more races,cultures and history than we will ever have. The worst europeans are the English who basicly raped so many of the worlds cultures and were slave traders. Not all europeans are kilt wearing Scottish people lol. Retard.

  • J-Star

    He's right. hip hop culture is not a fashion show-persay! street knowledge/culture is where its at.bsides just like DMX said about Drake-he dont like how he dress w/ da turtle neck sweaters/penny loafers etc etc. imagine BIGGIE/PAC,BIG-even NAS iceCUBE etc, would bnot approve this BS fashion.. COme on Kanye west let da inside CHi-town really come!!u dont see Cheef Keeef dressing like dat or Twista,Do or Die ectc. dress like this-espicaillly a skirt..Lil wayne suck skateboarding then he says hes hip hop-COME on WEEZY F BABY- ur wardrobe sucksssss toooo..

  • Zerocool

    This guy has it coming man. He is a complete egotistical ass and the nut huggers out here continue to reinforce his nonsense. Ye makes good beats I will admit. I think lyrically he is a cheeseball and whats worse is he thinks he is Nas or Rakim. As for all this "ahead of the times in fashion"... blow me this shit is garbage. I still prefer seeing what these cats from the mid 90s is wearing. This isn't a Paris fashion show it's street culture man. Kanye looks like an a$%hole with all that "high fashion" BS he is exposing to the sheep in the industry to. He is a jackass and I am in agreement that this new class of hipster-hop artists need to be reclassified!

  • Anonymous

    who is this character

  • Brand Nubian

    Fuck faggot Mc's the new generation is full of fags. what a fucked up world!!

  • Anonymous

    whats next ye? a mini skirt? high heels? leggings? Fuck this weak nigga , he was always a bitch.

  • RG

    Who? Oh, and people wonder why they're trapped in the fucking hood. You clowns sit here and talk about "that ain't hip hop culture." These dudes are defining hip hop culture, not a bunch of keyboard beating assholes. If y'all don't like it, move along to the artist that actually speaks hip hop to you. To question Kanye's sexuality is just stupid. He just impregnated one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Yeah, she's an annoying whore and we're all sick of hearing about her, but that bitch is bad and Kanye finally locked her ass down. These crab ass bastards need to stop trying to capitalize on name drops. Go back to being irrelevant.

    • donnis mac

      Yet you pushed Jamar down to the bottom of the barrel to raise Kanye and generalized people as being ignorant hood-rats. Why ask "who" when the actual headline says who it is? Lord Jamar is beneath you in the barrel now? Your logic is ridiculously flawed.



    • smh^^^

      " If y'all don't like it, move along to the artist that actually speaks hip hop to you" Idiot lol This is page about Lord jamar dissing somebody. You need to move on and stop defending your fag idol just cuz you got you feelings hurt.

    • Anonymous

      kim is one of the most beautiful women on the planet? LOL sure

  • Judge Dredd

    Man, they should just set up a new genre for these guys..... Kanye, Asap Rocky, Wiz, Wayne, Drake etc etc.... Cause their shit is not hip hop. Skirts, skinny jeans, flamboyant "high end fashion", and all that shit is not hip hop.

  • GOD

    You really realize the type of loser/scum people of the world on Artist Comment Sections. Remember when Common dissed Drake? The hordes of keyboard warriors arose to defend Common for like a week... Same shit here.

    • GOD

      I can't tell if youre being sarcastic. But anyways I just never got this hate/love thing. Lol I like Kanye's music. If he wants to wear a kilt, let him. I didnt say shit when Bambaataa was wearing colorful muu-muus

    • donnis mac

      You're right GOD. They're hypocrites. They were the same ones bashing Kanye when he wore the kilt the first time, the blouse, the kid with Kim, the issue with Amber, the issue with Taylor, always say he's gay, an attention whore, a bitch, anything derogatory. Now they're taking up for him because it's a "nobody". Well, who are they when they comment? None of us can prove they ever brought a CD to say they're a fan.

    • GOD

      Uh huh. You're failed logic is what ive come to expect from a HipHopDX keyboard warrior. Honestly, I'd respect you more if you were even a tiny bit clever. Instead, however youre just an echo of a fad. Your are disposable and ultimately easy to wipe away with a simple clorox wipe.

    • Anonymous

      I called you that beacuse your talking shit, You are drakes/kangayes no1 keyboard warrior. People dont say shit like this for no reason. just get over the fact that no everybody loves these guys as much as you and you will never change that.

    • GOD

      Quick to call me a fag, and then also a dickrider not realizing youre painting yourself as a mindless idiot we all know you are. i show no bias to music, but i prefer Kanye over Lord Jamar, and thank you first commenter, but no not really. You have to realize half these people scour music sites for the simple purpose of calling someone a fag.

    • Anonymous

      the other way around u fag, so many dick ridas here who get so offended when somebody badmouths them, like they perfect or someting haaha . Common is hiphop, Drake is a bitch azz pop rapper/singer

    • Anonymous

      it's different because Kanye doesn't pretend to be something he's not. He always said he'd be the most fashionable rapper and he'd change trends and he'd be five steps ahead of the hiphop fashion industry.


    Kanye West is a such wack ass nigga with that skirt, straight up and down. He has completely lost his mind and his love for hip hop culture. Someone needs to smack him with a College Dropout CD and remind him why people liked him in the first place. Lord Jamar going in your favourite rapper once again, Legendary

  • youbitchassniggas

    Ulike Ye Jamar been civilizin you fools. whatch who you choose for your heroes. Fame & money don't mean shit. Youbitchassniggas

  • Phncn Mrchntz

    For the so-called conscious folkes Original Scotts were Black, and like the Celts, have their origins in so-called Egypt. Ye is on some royal shit, Lord need to fall back. You don't get it - understandably , but Europeans understand the statement. It's Reclamation time my nig. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.historylink101.net/egypt_images/male-kilt.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.historylink101.net/egypt_1/a-clothing.htm&h=500&w=200&sz=12&tbnid=yB9eFmioqKJXAM:&tbnh=93&tbnw=37&zoom=1&usg=__LCnWGUDPzuGl43zSJy53vOb4ofM=&docid=RQQA6xmbew8meM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=NioQUcTAOOH0iwKJ-4GoCA&ved=0CDIQ9QEwAA&dur=224 http://www.amazon.com/Ancient-And-Modern-Britons-Vol/dp/1592322255



  • Joe

    Lol, Kanye doesn`t care.

  • Sensaye

    The man has an opinion, get over it. America is falling into this trap of not being able to have an opinion because it might offend someone. A difference of views and opinions is a good thing if people are educated to sit down and build with each other on it without gettin' all self-righteous and shit. Lord Jamar and Kanye West are both educated dudes. Maybe they'll school each other on some things, maybe they won't, either way, it's simply a man with an opinion. And by the way, a dope MC, producer and DJ in his own right. For those of you who don't know, and most of you don't, he's from Brand Nubian. 25 years strong in hip-hop.

    • donnis mac

      Agreed. These hypocrites bash Kanye all the time but now it's a problem with Lord Jamar so religion, clothing, ageism all take place.

  • Anonymous

    This guy will just disappear and fall back into obscurity... Like he actually thinks Kanye will give a shit SMH

    • Anonymous

      In what way is "90s" hip-hop real hip-hop? Not knowing obscure 90s MCs who are irrelevant today is not a reflection of musical knowledge as much as a reflection of the age you grew up. Everyone's heard of Pac, Biggie, Big L etc. I wasn't ashamed to admit I had no idea who the hell MC Eiht was before Kendrick put him on a feature, but I looked him up, and he was alright. This guy may have been relevant in the 90s, but for the 90s babies, who grew up with Roc-a-Fella, Aftermath, Shady and G-Unit, this guy is an absolute nobody. That's not a reflection of anything, other than the pathetic elitism of so-called hip-hop fans.

    • Anonymous

      Aim80: Real hip-hop fan there. Guess you just love those skinny jeans rappers out there.

    • Aim80

      ^^^ Just heard the name 'Lord Jamar' for the first time in this article...

  • Anonymous

    im a white rapper and i hate niggers. but hey. i speak my mind, so you gotta respect it, no half steppin

    • Anonymous

      No, that's your definition. Three other people have the same definition so you should think about why yours is so different. BTW, you changing from RC to anonymous proved absolutely nothing because you didn't "speak your mind" to attach RC to the second comment.

    • Anonymous

      lol what kind of arbitrary definition is that for speaking one's mind? It seems as though your definition "speaking your mind" is when a rapper disses a rapper you dont like. But when its the other way around you call it cowardice. read the 2nd comment on this article. I was proving a point.

    • Omar Dewitt

      he speaks his mind but hides his name what a coward

    • Anonymous

      Speaking your mind is being on stage front and center at an all Black rap venue saying you "hate n*gg*rs", not commenting anonymously on a rap website. You are still a coward.

    • Judge Dredd

      That's fine you fuck boy..... why don't you post your name with facebook link under that comment?

  • yeaaahh

    You got a grown man worrying about what another grown man is wearing... but Kanye's the fag?? Okay....

  • Roque A. Deleon

    The song is literally about Kanye dressing like "half a fag" (just rolls of the tongue dosen't it?). Not only does Lord Jamar lack fashion sense but he is also a closed minded, homophobic, washed up, rapper looking for any sort of "beef" that might make him relevant. It's hard not to feel sorry for this guy. "Talking 'bout clothes, I'll mothafuckin' embarrass you" - Yeezy

    • Roque A. Deleon

      I don't think I tore up his opinion, I was simply expressing mine. If Jamar wanted to do a constructive critique of Kanye's rapping abilities (and maybe even bring up his kilt wearing) that would be understandable. Also It can't be expected that everyone will agree with everything that someone does. But I think the premise of this disstrack Is pretty weak. Simply calling Kanye a "half fag" and mocking him because he wears high fashion clothing? Most can agree that isn't a solid or constructive idea to base a diss track on. This, and the fact Kanye is consistently trendsetting the world of hip-hop and culture while Lord Jamar hasn't been relevant in the mainstream for years means that this is really just a gimmick, nothing wrong with that but I'm calling it for what it is. @ETYW: thanks for the cosign! @Donnis Mac: I doubt anyone in these comments know either Kanye or Lord Jamar. I'm simply speaking my mind like everyone else.

    • donnis mac

      "Not only does Lord Jamar lack fashion sense but he is also a closed minded, homophobic, washed up, rapper looking for any sort of "beef" that might make him relevant." ^ this is so childish You all think everybody wants a minute of fame like social media has you thinking but the reality is that MANY Americans feel that this "tolerance" is being thrust upon people (DID YOU FOLLOW THE ELECTION?). I'm willing to BET that Lord Jamar has been around gays his whole life! From family, friends, business associates, strangers. NOW, why should YOU slander HIM and expect NOT to be slandered, especially when YOU DON'T KNOW HIM! Anonymous played a perfect card because Lord Jamar said KANYE, NOT Roque or etyw.

    • etyw

      co sign roque. @anonymous how dare you try to portray lord jamar as the victim of some kind of freedom injustice. "you hate people who don't think like you" is this not exactly what lord jamar is doing to kanye? and at the same time discriminating against homosexuals? you're trolling right?

    • tha truth

      haha funniest shit i read all day

    • Anonymous

      Since you chose to tear up his opinion to exercise yours, I will say you're a sensitive, pantyhose wearing fruitcake who hates people who don't think like you and nobody feels sorry for you, we just wish you would go away and allow rigamortis to take it's course.

  • gibbs

    this washed fool needs to know his place in the music business, sending shots to someone with more money and success than this stupid struggle allah ass nigga could ever dream of. Fuck out of here with that shit.

  • Assassin221

    Damn, I appreciate that the man speaks his mind and I'm not a big Kanye fan anyway, but a diss track? Shit is kinda random.

  • sw0000sh

    that skit was funny. not a fan of kilts/skirts or skinny jeans, but hey if you like that shiiit... don't let me stop you... just look at your photos 10 years from now and you'll be shaking your head.

  • Anonymous

    supreme allah has spoken

  • RC

    Man speaks his mind, no half steppin or any of that bullshit. Gotta respect that, not enough people speaking their mind in Hip-Hop these days.