Beyonce Reunites With Destiny's Child For Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams reunite onstage as Destiny's Child.

It turns out that Beyonce didn't bring out Jay-Z as a guest for her Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show performance. Still, she didn't let her fans down.

Instead, Beyonce reunited with Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland to briefly re-form Destiny's Child, and the trio performed a couple of the group's biggest hits.

First, Beyonce performed hit singles "Love On Top" and "Crazy in Love," followed by "End of Time" and "Baby Boy." After that, she was joined on stage by Williams and Rowland to perform "Bootylicious" and "Independent Women." The two even stayed on stage to help perform Beyonce's "Single Ladies." 

Beyonce then finished her set alone, performing "Halo." Watch footage of the performance below.

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  • Anonymous

    stick to the r&b section, for your protection

  • Anonymous

    How is this hip hop?

  • ...

    Nip poppped out like Beyonce at the Super Bowl

  • Anonymous

    Man, fuck these illuminati bitches! Ja Rule would've had the best halftime performance of all time. They should've put him on that stage. But whatever though, Rule's coming out of prison this month. Be afraid, be very afraid. RULE! It's Murda!!!

    • Money Loc Dizzle

      Lets kick the ballistics on this shit. The NFL wouldn't be stupid enough to invite Ja Rule to perform at the half-time show. Motherfuckers would start riots once the game started again...players would refuse to play...the crowd would just shout for more Ja. The mere presence of the Murda Inc King would make the broadcasting rights outside of what most corporations and Arab sheiks can afford. smh at this shit.

    • Anonymous

      Your mom is a joke bitch! Now bow down to the Mighty Rule!

    • Anonymous

      ja rule is a joke

  • Anonymous

    this is not hip hop smfh

  • Anonymous

    that's Illuminati... 2013

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  • jhdg

    gangsta rap is not dead

  • Duder

    Gotta love Beyonce, not for her music, that's usually pretty good but not that special or really memorable, or even something I'd usually listen to. But mainly for the fapping, she's kept it alive all this time even after getting married and having a kid, bless her heart. It sucks that chicks like ScarJo lost weight and stuff for roles(she had to fit in her Avengers outfit...f*ck that, make the outfit more accommodating for her curves), and shes just not in her prime anymore. Best part about B is that she keeps it real, and always does her thing, and does it looking good.

  • sizakhoza

    Beyonce is a pop singer. What does she have to do with hip hop? This is a hip hop site.

  • PHILLYBOI HOP....smfh