Goodie Mob Perform At ESPN Super Bowl Party

Cee Lo Green and Goodie Mob Reunite onstage during Super Bowl weekend.

Cee Lo Green left no fans unsatisfied after Friday's (February 2nd) ESPN the Magazine Super Bowl party, after performing not only his greatest hits, but also something for the core fans.

Cee Lo made sure to perform the requisite Top 40 hits, including 2006's "Crazy" and 2010's "Fuck You," but he had something else in store for fans.

Bigg Gipp, T-Mo and Khujo joined Cee Lo on stage to reunite as Goodie Mob. When the reception was less than lukewarm, Cee Lo provided a bit of a history lesson, reports Billboard. “I've been around for the last 20 years. I've been here with my brothers since 1994, back when we started out of Atlanta, Georgia,” explained Cee Lo. “We're going to take you down memory lane. Give me some of that good music, man!”

The group performed "Soul Food," "Cell Therapy," recent song "Fight to Win" and a slew of other cuts.

Currently, Goodie Mob is finishing up its next group album, Age Against the Machine.

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  • Big Dan

    Not faulting dude and he's doing right by his brothers, trying to get them earning again. I think a new GM album is in the works. But Ceelo should have realized he crossed over so far that no NONE of his new fans know he was in cheap hood videos looking grimy back in the day. I know a white dude that was in his 60s when "Crazy" came out, talking bout that's one of his favorite songs.

  • Nem

    their performance on The Voice proved they sold out and are goin for Knarles Barkley type music

  • skinny

    The "reception was less than lukewarm". SMH with "Goodie Bag" playing in the background.