Frank Ocean Says He Will Not Press Charges Against Chris Brown

Frank Ocean will not press civil or criminal charges against Chris Brown after the two got into a fight last week.

Days after he reportedly sought to press charges against Chris Brown for allegedly initiating a brawl over a parking spot, it appears Frank Ocean has let cooler heads prevail.

Taking to Tumblr, Ocean wrote a brief message to fans indicating that he has no interest in pressing charges.

In the message, Ocean said that he's evolved since his younger days, when he may have been prone to acting more rashly. "As a child I thought if someone jumped me it would result in me murdering or mutilating a man. But as a man I am not a killer. I'm an artist and a modern person. "

The singer continued, explaining that his mantra is more akin to live and let live than an eye for an eye. "I’ll choose sanity. No criminal charges. No civil lawsuit. Forgiveness, albeit difficult, is wisdom. peace, albeit trite, is what I want in my short life. Peace.”

Eyewitnesses to the incident stated that Chris Brown threw the first punch.

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  • Ha

    First Chris Brown beats a woman up. Now he's having a sissy fight with a homosexual. What's next? Gonna scrap a tranny? Punk an elderly person? Stomp a puppy?

  • Iddle1

    So if he goes on to fall in love with and marry a woman does that make him straight, gay, or bi? Sexuality isn't limited by societies standards. It is an intangible malleable trait that can change with the wind.


    What amuses me is the fact that Frank Oceans probably fucked more bitches than everyone of you fucking retards claiming to be real O'G - Balla AZZ NiccaZ Cuz. You're all fucking pathetic. that Gangstar shit is played out. get a job and move out yo mamma's house

  • san023

    Frank ocean is the the coolest black dude i Know

  • Anonymous

    i love frank ocean chris brown is a tit

  • Anonymous

    All of these comments over 2 guys fighting over a parking spot!

  • starmani

    These comments are too funny. But um if u f a dude then u gay.....i dont care if hes bisexual, that nigga gay!

  • Iddle1

    Man ur wrong on so many levels. I'm straight, black, 24 years old and I think his album is fantastic. His album is named after the 2nd chakra; the orange sex chakra. Channel as in channeling sexual energies. Frank Ocean never claimed to be gay; he said his first love was a man. Believe it or not this does not deem the man to be gay.

  • Ricky Rozay

    @1st anon Nigga I'm lmfao of at an ethug fairy threatening to kick my ass? Nigga I'm in the atl we don't fuck wit fairy ass niggas y'all lil ladies act tough but come across me nigga I'd clean ur clock bitch made faggit, stfu and go back to suckin dick and bendin over. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChippinEmOff

    I think these gay stories get a lot of reaction and so you already know the labels and media will use it to make bank. Just look at these comments. Niccas is fucking sheep. Personally Idgaf about who's fucking who, why does anyone care at all? I don't relate to gay music, gay movies, gay anything so I simply don't buy into it, but I don't hate on gays cuz what they do has no impact on me. Even if you hate on the gays you still supporting the cause cuz it brings light to the issue to be exploited. Fucking sheep are hella dumb.

  • ChippinEmOff

    Gangster or not, gay or straight...all that can be overlooked, but a SNITCH never gets my support. CB is a weird cat to begin with, but Frank Ocean is tellin on people like it's all good and he's sorry ass fans probably accept it and think nothing of it. Fuck all snitches...lowest of all humans.

    • ???

      if you're not involved in any illegal shit, why do you even care about snitches?? leave it to NIGGAS to make keeping your mouth shut about criminal activity something to be proud of.

  • john

    Probably a PR move... then again its not like he's "gangster" so he has no street cred to lose and to top it he's gay.

  • Chris Brown need to put the pipe down,,,,

    Chris Brown need to leave that yay alone...that shit made him split Rihanna's wig,start a brawl with Drake and now conmmit a hate crime against Frank Ocean....

  • Ricky Rozay

    This nigga got decent tracks but I cant respect no fairy like this nigga. Chris Brown would probably whoop this nigga ass cuz this nigga look like the type to slap and pull hair. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Anon 1 is a openly admitted faggot. Not good at the online tough guy act tho.

    • Anonymous

      Lolllll Lol LOllllll LOl

    • Anonymous

      LMAO william was 28 and his momma was still paying his bills thats bawse!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      DX: And how was Ross paying his bills when yall met? Did you know how he was keeping the lights on? Tia Kemp: His mom was paying his bills. He didnt have a job. He wasnt doing shows. You know, he was featured on a few peoples tracks, like Trina [click to read] and other rappers, but that wasnt paying his bills. Im not sure of how much he was getting paid for the shows that he was doing back then, but when I met him he wasnt doing any shows, so

    • Anonymous

      I'd fuck you up home boy hiding behind Rick Rozay and a laptop, talk that shit to me given the wack ass nuance of this being behind a laptop? I'll fuck you up. I'm gay, yeah but I handle my own and guaranteed that when it comes down to it, a faggot? Will handle his own if he doesn't wanna put up with this shit. Not all homos are queens and fairies homeboy. Remember how Suge Knight got knocked out, Gay Barbar. I'll set you straight for real boi boi

  • Anonymous

    Frank Ocean won't press charges because he and his Odd Future buddies are trolls

  • Anonymous

    fucking faggot is a disgrace to the black race. No faggots can be black or they will be knocked the fuck out fucking faggots.

    • Anonymous

      half of your favorite rappers are closet homos and act gayer than frank though crazy how many homophones are on this website

  • I Hate Light Skinned Niggas

    First Rihanna, then Drake, and now Frank Ocean. Who's next? Willow Smith???

  • A Fan Of Hip Hop

    Hip Hop is Gay

  • Eye Control

    I see Frank's Ocean still has all of you guys fooled. Come on guys, wake up already. Frank's Ocean is NOT gay. It's all a front and a show to get fans from the gay community. You guys think it was Frank's Ocean that wrote that letter? That was his handlers, basically his puppet masters. They made him out to be gay, and it worked. His album got certified gold, thanks to the gay community. Think about it. If Frank's Ocean was gay, don't you think he would have a lisp? And if you don't believe he is part of the illuminati, than you obviously never heard his song 'Pyramids'. And why do you think his album's called Channel Orange? Orange is a color known to have gay-tendencies to brainwash kids. The illuminati is sick and Frank's Ocean needs to break free.

    • Ernie

      Also, all gay men have lisps?

    • Daniel

      Too bad this makes no sense. The guy has explicitly made songs about girls/women/females before, at best, unless you area total moron, he's bi. At very least, one time he legit fell in love with a dude and was man enough to admit it, which I'm sure plenty of people may have been attracted to the same sex in some way or another in their life, but sort of realized it and suppressed it or whatever. Also, the illuminati is anime. it's as anime as that shitty anime Medaka Box or that shitty anime NEEDLESS. Shit is bunk, while masons are real, to think things like "well this guy is in the illuminati or worships the devil or whatever other random BS" because random things, because their rich, because pyramid imagery, or whatever is pretty silly. Even if Frank Ocean is in the "illuminati", why is that inherently bad? Also, Pyramid Vritra released an album called "Pyramid" in 2012 and no one seemed to care, and he's obviously not some rich superstar, even though I've seen him say he's in the illuminati.

  • Fail

    He knows he started it, that's why he's not pressing charges. lol

  • West Coast TRUTH

    Fuck frank ocean who is this guy no ones heard of him. Chris Brown is a legend in the game actually put work on. frank coean is just some youtube celeb fuck him wish Chris Browned killed him

    • Aye Yo Steven

      Chris Brown is just another barely average 2000s R&B singer, the best thing you can say about his actual music is that once in a blue moon the beats hes given are good. And at the end of the day, the most notable thing about him overall is that he needs anger management. If you really cared about modern/ Contemporary R&B you'd be listening to Janelle Monae or The Weeknd, not worrying about Chris Brown dancing, bitch hitting ass. You know people getting down and doing something interesting. It's like saying you're a huge fan of Country and all you have on your iPod is Taylor Swift "and that one song from the Johnny Cash movie." I'm not Frank Ocean's biggest fan, but at least from Nostalgia, Ultra and Channel Orange you can tell he's at least trying to do fresh and interesting things, even though they don't really work out (i.e. Pyramids is a song I'd love to dig, but its not so hot). Anyway nigga Chris Brown aint a legend he just hits women and sings about BS and puts out shitty albums. Sounds like a true fag to me. A real legend, a real living legend in the game would be Andre 3k or Big Boi, those dudes' bad albums are still dope, and their best are crazy influential to this day. 3k can drop a verse on anything and make it a hot track, see that garbage Wayne album Carter 4, but Dre getting a verse on it at least made it worth paying attention to. You can't even say that about Jay-Z, who was the only feature on that last Rihanna album but still no one really cared.

    • ChippinEmOff

      Legend? What are you 13? FOH fool and take that West Coast & truth out your damn name cuz you an embarrassment to the dub & truth.

    • Anonymous

      chris brown aint a legend he a legendary woman beater, thats his legacy

    • Anonymous

      calm down, its really not that serious

  • FTF

    Someone just needs to knock this faggot the fuck out. Sick of hearing this bitch ass running his mouth about how likes dudes and takin pipe. Wished CB would dropped this bitch nigga like he did Rihanna. Gays have no place on a hip hop site

  • Ken

    I love how some of ya'll are scared of gays. of all the things to have a fear of, you choose gay people. fuckin pussies.

  • Anonymous

    he dont press charges cuz he knows he was wrong.

    • Anonymous

      his producer also says chris brown started it, it was a setup and they jumped him it will probably be on here tomorrow

  • dilli

    he fell in love with chris loool

  • Anonymous

    Good! It would have been a bitch move on his part...Getting tired of hearing about this Frank Ocean faggot

  • Anonymous

    i HIGHLY doubt Chris threw the first punch. He knows anything would get him in jail.

  • Anonymous

    chris brown only fights women and gays



  • Amaterasu

    this nigga even writes like a faggott

  • FrankIsFatherless

    He's such a queen. Why can't you just not sue him? Why do you have to blog and be over dramatic? You already won over the hipsters by being a faggot enough already