Kendrick Lamar Performs On "Saturday Night Live" & Appears In Skit

Kendrick Lamar performs a couple of singles and gets in on the acting on SNL.

Kendrick Lamar rocked the stage for this weekend's Saturday Night Live (January 26).

In making his SNL debut, Kendrick performed his single "Swimming Pools (Drank)," as well as his newer single "Poetic Justice."

In addition, Kendrick was featured in the "YOLO" skit, also starring Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and The Voice. and The Lonely Island.

Kendrick's "Swimming Pools (Drank)" reached platinum status just days ago.

Watch the performances and the skit below (courtesy of Yardie):

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  • Anonymous

    The scene in YOLO video where Kendrick is an old man with a stack of money next to him is fuckin classic, I paused it and had a good laugh

  • YouSerious?

    Love Kendrick, but after watching the performances.....the way he records some songs makes it hard to perform them live and give off anywhere near the same kind of vibe. He's not terrible, but it does come off as a bit awkward.

  • Anonymous

    that poetic justice performance gives me more hope his live performances are not among the greatest but this one he should take some lessons from himself usually gets all loud and monotone with toomuch exitement to pull off the song this one he kept his cool. keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    kendrick lookin awkward as fuckk in this, i dont know why everyone is actin like this kid is the second coming of jesus. just because hes from compton and he got dre and game to back him up. yeah he can spit, but i dont see what all the hype is about

    • Themnewguy

      @BradZuk thanks for taking your time typing all this,after reading your comment it helped me appreciate more of how great a rapper is :)

    • BradZuk

      As someone who is completely obsessed with kendrick, but couldnt care less about the Dre cosign or his compton roots, I have a few Ideas. it really feels like hes the first total package since Kanye. The first aspect is lyrics. His lyrical content is truly brilliant. There are tons of "conscious" guys but almost noone has made as thoughtful and insightful albums as him. For instance on Keisha's song, in section.80, he paints a brutal portrait of a girl who had nothing to live for, was damaged, and so took to the streets, getting extorted by police, before dying a tragic, yet unnoticed death. Cool, you say, every conscious rapper ever has written songs about how mean the streets are. Kendrick knows this. On "Sing about me" from GKMC, he raps a long verse from the perspective of Keisha's sister, chastising him for his condescending, patronizing obituary. He recognizes the multiplicity of perspectives, and the difficulty in approaching these issues, and so minimizes his role, allowing the issues to speak for themselves. That's just one example. Every song and every line in GKMC is methodically placed. And they all come together beautifully. The second aspect is his flow. At first is sounds mediocre, and kindof choppy. He isn't biggie or nas, but he has this musical, melodic ability that at first reminds you of a lyricist like Tupac or Kanye. But this is where people get lost. it's unconventional so it's not as good for some reason. But listen to Maad City, or Backseat freestyle, or Rigamortus. He can jump through hoops with the best of them. Some concede this, but then they say he just spazzes out all the time. But if you keep listening, you realize that he is exceptionally versitile. Better comparisons for his lyrical skills are 3k and Jay Z. Unconventional flows but unbeatably versitile, and ridiculously skilled. That's Kendrick. he has a skillset that noone can match right now. He's like a chris paul, slow, measured, constructing every aspect of the game, but reserving the ability to create his own shots when he needs to.

    • mac

      because hes from compton and he got dre and game to back him up. yeah he can spit --- that is what they hypes about dumbass

  • Anonymous

    An appearance on SNL and suddenly he's Deniro?

    • Anonymous

      wtf does deniro have to do with anything? have you ever seen SNL before? they feature a musical guest every week and they perform 2 songs and sometimes appear in a skit or two.

    • Anonymous

      why are you hating on a young guy making it big and getting love and respect? put your energy into making it just as big, not hating him.

  • BHH

    @ETK what? he went gold a month ago and he's on a major label? obv troll

  • Hip Hop please

    Next step, movies? Some people call him the new Tupac Shakur (music) But maybe he's gonna be the new Will Smith (movies) haha, anyways, it's nice to see Kendrick is doing good.

  • Anonymous

    I'm wondering who is pushing him so much?

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is THAT famous??? Damn

  • gwooda

    the skit was comical...but the performances showed even with a LIVE band..he killed it...not to mention his entire look..without the SAGGING pants..he was presentable...and two HIT songs.... JOB WELL DONE K DOT

  • Dylan Dudicle

    proofreading is key

  • james

    I love Kendrick Lamar, but that verse on the skit wasn't that good.