Fabolous Says He Was Never Offended By Lil Wayne's Anti-New York Comments

Fabolous speaks on his Lil Wayne comment on "So NY," says he was hoping to uplift the city with the record.

Noted Brooklyn rapper Fabolous may have alluded to Lil Wayne and his comments about New York on his record “So NY," but during an interview with MTV News Fab revealed that he never had any hard feelings towards Lil Wayne after the Young Money rapper expressed his dislike for the city of New York.

While speaking with MTV, Fabolous explained that the city hasn’t been in the best of places musically and shared that he was hoping to raise a few spirits with the release of “So NY.”

“It’s his opinion,” Fabolous revealed. “So if he doesn’t like New York it’s not a bad thing. I do feel he spoke it out because it was how he felt. New York isn’t at its strongest point musically or something like that. It’s also hard to say that about any place. I don’t care if you do an interview and say ‘Yo, I don’t like Kentucky.’ The people of Kentucky are gonna have a little gripe about that…I took what he was saying and tried to empower some pride back into New York. You know what I mean, 'I'm so New York, Weezy probably don’t like me.’ That’s what it was more about. Just making a statement and taking what he said and motivating people with it.”

Fabolous even had the opportunity to clear the air with Lil Wayne when the two rappers both appeared at Club LIV in Miami.

“I seen him at Club LIV and when I saw him I was like, ‘I’mma go over there and holler at him.’ Just to check the temperature and make sure everything’s okay because you know people hearing things and I don’t know which way they took [it],” said Fabolous. “And he actually came over to me and came and said ‘what’s up’…That was the end of it there. It was no reason to dwell on it. I even actually took a picture for my Instagram just to show the people that it wasn’t no big deal.”

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  • thadonprince85

    Real niggas from NY dont fucks wit fake ass wanna be gangstas like Lil Wayne. We walk that walk wetalk that talk we from grimy as NEW YORK

  • anonymous

    Look at the beef between Cassidy and Meek Mill... It's just entertainment, nothing serious.. and if you look at this situation Fabolous tried to avoid beef because people always try to make it more than what it is... blow ish way out of proportion... People always about feuds.. just look at the rest of the comments... you all hate each other hahaha.. you wanna start beef on comments with people you don't even know.. beef is the competitive nature of hip hop.. you dont need to start beef on comments because that person has a different taste in music than you.... Wake Up World, Jeez.

  • Anonymous

    lol @ hoping to uplift the city. "hedont like us our lives are over!!!!!!" ??New york can't be that soft. smh

  • Anonymous

    why would he care, hes not the ambassador. Half of the rappers in the world are from new york anyway.

  • Anonymous

    You don't need to kiss Weezy ass Fab. You'll eat him alive in a battle

  • Anonymous

    i'm so ny since born n' rising in queens we goon than ya foolin' white boy act mad child shit i've notice a lot too much waste of mind,I'm so slick ny than ya foolin' think ny don't like fag or leggin' flex ass but we slick want woman or hoe play my dick off you nosy shit....hahaha wow ! see ya fool later.

    • Real Shit

      last Anoy real shit they love our shit. Go to a youtube URLbattle. Fucking red-necks stay trolling

    • Anonymous


    • nairobistar

      And now in English please?

  • Anonymous

    okay, we get it.. stop asking all the ny rappers that dickride wayne this question (french, busta, fab, etc).. of course they're going to say they're not offended because they're on his dick..

  • illone

    Right, NO FUCKEN ACCOUNTABILITY. If you got the balls to go in a studio and write a disgruntle rap then have some pride once you out of the studio! I'm not asking you to go Tony Montana on a nigga, hell you dont even have to address the guy when you see him; BUT don't go posting twit pics with you both holding each other diks on instagram!

  • easy

    thats whats wrong with the rap game, pop off on some shit and a week later you recant that shit. now im not going to sit on a computer and act like im a king-pin or i shoot motherfuckers buttt, i dont make albums about that shit. theres zero accountablity in rap and this shows it. how are you going to act like a thug and then act like a bitch THE BULLSHIT fuck this clown, has anyone really fucked with this fool since the early 00's

  • Anonymous

    Whoa! Fab still rhymes? I thought he lost faith in his craft along with the likes of Lloyd Stanks and ran over to the mixtape caves, scared to death of releasing albums anymore and coming to the light? Shouldn't this cats be on some solidified legendary status by now? Still acting like rookies/soldiers when they should be generals/commanders.

  • Big Bang Theory

    Look at the online nerds giving advice online to a rapper who most likely won't get their advice. Funny

  • smh ny really is dead

    how the fuck Fab think he can claim the next king of NY if if he let Weezys comment slide. grow some balls my nigga!!! I believe if they asked the last kings of NY Jay or 50(relevant or not) about wayne's statement, they'd call that nigga out and put him in place.

  • Anonymous

    another pussy from new york who is afraid to speak the truth.

    • dumb dumbs

      agree 100%. when you have guys like say an Action Bronson scared to speak the truth about Lil' Wayne, it just becomes bullshit. Wayne is not doing songs with you so why be afraid?

  • Anonymous

    Paul Cain is STILL better then Fab......why did this clown tuck his tail and go to Dade.....HE USED TO BE SOOOOO HARD with the bars......USED to be....

  • Dad

    When was the last time you heard anybody banging that hot new Fabolous track.....Nobody does

  • Anonymous

    fab caught feelings