Chicago rapper ProbCause & director Elijah Alvarado teamed up for the new Donald Trump-inspired Battle of the Billionaires video.

We find ourselves in some odd times these days as we barrel towards the possibility of a Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump showdown for the leader of the free world. It’s with that in mind that Chicago rapper ProbCause and local director and animator Elijah Alvarado (Kids These Days, Chance The Rapper) team up once again to create a short animation detailing what they think could happen if the two end up as their party’s nominations what this duo is dubbing: ‘the Battle of the Billionaires’ that takes on a Wrestlemania vocal chop here adding to the allure of the possibility of what seems like an inevitable showdown between these two unique personalities..

The short video is the second from this pairing as they last teamed up for the Martin Shkreli-inspired ‘One Night In Shaolin’ based around the ‘what-if’ moment around the Wu-Tang Clan and Bill Murray teaming up to retrieve their one of a kind album which has racked up over 120,000+ views since releasing in January.