Chief Keef Sentenced To Two Months At Illinois Youth Center For Probation Violation

Chief Keef must serve two months for violating his probation stemming from a firearm incident.

Chief Keef has been sentenced to two months at Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles, Illinois for violating probation.

According to Complex, the rapper, whose real name is Keith Cozart, will serve a two-month sentence at the center after he was convicted on Tuesday. The news comes courtesy of management member Idris "Peeda Pan" Abdul Wahid.

Keef was served his sentence after prosecutors claimed that he violated his probation by conducting an interview at a gun range. They also targeted the 17-year-old for failing to complete his GED in time to meet a court order.

UPDATE: Chicago Sun-Times reports that Keef pleaded guilty with Judge Carl Anthony Walker in order him to not be sentenced to juvenile detention. He broke into tears several times, but the judge did not grant clemency for his "blatant violations of the court's order."

Following the sentencing, his manager said that Keef would release a new single today.

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  • Anonymous

    I hope this guy gets his life together, really.

  • Heffe Christ

    Oh niggas is gonna "Love Sosa" in that facility bahahaha. Real shit though the way they killing niggas in the Chi. This dude might not survive those 2 months, them young dudes crazy out there mang. Damn Keef self sabotage at its finest, its all good boy you be aight, you still got the rovers and hummers.

    • Michael

      dude I was in St. Charles IYC 3 years ago, please the only thing that sucks is they feed you crap and you never get filled

  • Anonymous

    he cried about being locked up for 2 months in a youth detention center????

    • Anonymous

      Real shit here. Boy better grow up now if he's crying about youth detention center...especially living in Cook county.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, he needs 2 years.

    • Iska Waran

      What I don't understand is how he could possibly have gotten a gun in the first place, given Illinois' strict background check law.

  • Anonymous


  • hypestyle

    only 17!!!??? Hopefully he has some righteous adults in his corner and not just folks who are out to keep their checks flowing, i.e. management, etc. Somebody needs to be pushing him to get his GED/diploma, and start saving money; go to school for something, take a business class, if you're serious about keeping track of your money.

    • Big Dan

      I already prayed for that in another post. Hopefully he does have people. I'mma go on a limb and say it won't be coming from parental quarters. Two months. He got lucky. Hopefully, he makes a commitment to himself that this is the last time. He will be 18 soon and I'm sure these people would love to get their hands on him for a nice long stretch. Don't give them what they want. Get rid of the losers around you that don't want to do anything with their lives and get rid of any guns you may have PLEASE.

  • dilli

    hey guys.. what does chief keef say in prison? GANG BANG!

  • anonymous

    this guy thinks he's untouchable cause he's famous he's just a fucking dumbass, hope he learns his lesson,

  • L deez

    don't believe my dude sosa would cry over a 60 day bid youngblood needs to smarten up though

  • Feafe

    What a stupid fuckin idiot. He deserves to be destroyed like a feral dog. Has all the fuckin success in the world, yet he can't stop being a piece of shit. I am sure people want to be like "oh but you don't understand where he comes from"...fuck that, many people don't get close to what the success he has seen. He fucked it up - then good he deserves to be punished. Its the fuckin media that has convince morons like this they should have any sympathy anyway. Put him down like the dog he is. Fuckin worthless human.

    • suelll

      man i agree with the first part but i don't wish him bad I just hope he can grow up and realize he has a good opportunity here instead of continuing to fuck up. it's all a game when you're under 18 (17 here.. when I was 17 I went to ADULT jail.. not fun shit) but when you're an adult they don't take shit like the stuff he did lightly. he got a heroin case as a kid and got probation.. here they coulda given him a felony and 2-10 years.. yeah.. idk the laws in Illinois but I hope this is just old shit creepin up on him and it stops. the tough guy shit is cool to watch but i actually like sosa and i want him making music

    • Iska Waran

      Put Jimmy Iovine down.

    • Scrilla

      Cube ain't no feral Rapper: he drops knowledge on all his solo joints (most of the time). This bitch Keef was crying - hahaha. I guess it won't matter though since COs and rats are accepted in Hip Hop of today.

    • Lboy

      So in your book every gangsta rapper deserves to be "put down like a feral dog"? Snoop, Dr.Dre, Game, Schoolboy Q, Comptons Most Wanted, Gucci Mane, Ice Cube, Ice T, Jay Rock, Scarface...The list goes on and on. YOU KNOW HOW MANY RAPPERS ENCOURAGE THE MURDER OF BLACK PEOPLE?, If hearing such lyrics in the context of a song makes you think that perspective artist deserves to be killed I don't think HipHop is the genre for you bruhh. You might want to try out "chillwave" hipster music its real peaceful and chill an escape from reality. This Hip-hop. The positive, negative and everything in between. The reality. Who are we as humans to judge another man in such a way that we don't even know personally? What makes us so much more righteous...just sayin.

    • People Come On

      Yeah he does deserve to be put down like a feral dog. He encourages the murder and degradation of Black people, he is a feral human. The bigger culprit is Jimmy Iovine, throwing everyone Black people under the bus...

    • Lboy

      calm down bruhh. being "successful" and by "successful" im assuming you mean rich and famous doesn't necessarily add stability or happiness too someones life. financially yes in other ways not necessarily. If a person is a certain way them signing a major label deal doesn't change the way they have been their whole life over night dont be foolish. Your comment must be coming from a place of jealous at his position in life. I don't even like chief keef or his music but "He deserves to be destroyed like a feral dog" really bruhh?

  • joeycraks

    Understandable why he is crying because St. Charles is one of the worst juvie centers in Illinois and possibly in the country, actually it was the detention center shot in the film Bad Boys with Sean Penn (a classic) when his character was sent there for a murder.

    • Anonymous

      oh shit i remember that movie, one of my favorites although it looked like a tough place in the movies coming from someone whos done real time anything with ciggarettes makes ur bid easier.

  • Anonymous

    He broke into tears several times, but the judge did not grant clemency for his "blatant violations of the court's order. wow dis nigga was crying like a baby over 60 days in a youth center! bang bang!

  • Anonymous

    "Following the sentencing, his manager said that Keef would release a new single today" Good to know both Keef and his manager understand their priorities.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes they make you cut you dreads/locks so that you can't conceal deadly weapons in it. That would suck for him.

  • Jacksjus

    The youth center? Really? I forgot how young this dude was with the way he carries himself. Made all of that money and stay out of dumb ish. SMH!

  • Anonymous

    I bet he does three days. Max.

  • Jo Jo's People

    Ain't no protective custody in those youth facilities, so Keef better watch out for Jo Jo's family trying to touch him. 2 months is a long time, without that yopper on deck.

  • Anonymous

    good. i hate this.... NIGGER

  • Anonymous

    He needs to try and hone his rap skills...

  • @drankanddank

    He should be scouting for artists. You already know it's going to be 2 months of straight auditions. I guarantee at least once someone raps to him while he's taking a shit on some "what you think of this" shit.

  • Anonymous

    youth center huh? all the kids i know who got sent to juvie loved that shit. swimming pools, pool tables, big screen tvs with sony playstations shit was better in there than with their parents

    • Young Jew

      i didn't cry when i signed for 6 months when i was 19 but i probably could have but no way no how in front of everyone.. while i think crying in court is pussy shit he's 17 and that's a long fall from releasing an album on Interscope, going on tour and spending thousands of dollars on clothes.. back to going to the slammer again. so i guess he cried cuz it was a shitty moment and i get it. but it kinda ruins the illusion of "Chief Keef" fuck it i think he's cool and yeah even if it's got pools and shit which i'm sure they don't anymore.. maybe playstation 2's or something.. it's still shitty to be stuck there for 2 months instead of out driving rented Ferraris and shit.

    • blco

      True story! I have a friend who was sent to a youth center also, and he loved that shit! He was almost in tears when it was time to leave the center.

  • shitsmellslikeeggs

    Thank goodness! Rap can go back to its natural state for 2 months! Dont drop the sopa Sosa!!

  • Anonymous

    had this been after his birthday in august, they wouldve made an example out of him and given him time. Hes just lucky hes still a minor