The Hip Hop Week In Review: Chief Keef Laughs At Rapper's Death, Tyga Launches Porn Site

Chief Keef laughs at the death of a fellow rapper, while Tyga launches a porn site. HipHopDX posted an editorial about Christianity and its connection to Hip Hop.

This week, Chief Keef put himself in a whole lot of trouble, laughing at the death of a fellow rapper and striking up some beef with Lupe Fiasco, who in turn announced his impending retirement. Tyga launched his new porn site, as well as an adult film in which he plans to appear and direct. Additionally, HipHopDX investigated the connection of Christianity to Hip Hop, exploring how some in the culture reject religious themes in music.

Chief Keef Laughs At Death Of Fellow Rapper, Threatens To Smack Lupe Fiasco

Chief Keef stirred up some trouble this week. The 16-year-old rapper took to Twitter following the death of contemporary Lil JoJo, with whom he had beef due to his affiliation with Lil Reese. Keef laughed at JoJo's passing, writing, “Its Sad Cuz Dat Nigga JoJo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO.” His sights soon turned to Lupe Fiasco, who had previously mentioned that he was fearful of the culture that Keef represents. From there, Fiasco tweeted that he was going to retire from the game, pointing to Keef’s behavior as a conduit to his reasoning. The stunt didn’t come without consequences: Keef, who later said he was hacked, is now being investigated by the Chicago police for his connection to JoJo’s murder, and Pitchfork pulled its video showing Keef being interviewed at a gun range.

Tyga Launches A Pornography Site, Plans To Direct & Appear In Adult Film

Tyga is expanding his entrepreneurial pursuits. This week, the Young Money rapper announced the launch of his adult website, a play off his hit single “Rack City.” In addition to the site, which charges $24.95 per month in membership fees, Tyga plans on directing and appearing in his own pornography film Rack City: The XXX Movie, which will feature his original music and appearances from London Keyes, Eva Angelina, Havana Ginger, Kristina Rose, Jada Fire, Austin Taylor and more. "This movie really takes 'Rack City,' the song that I made, into the world of triple-X film. It's a real movie that people will enjoy, and I'm proud of it," he said of the film. "I just felt like now was a time that I wanted to be involved in the sexual part of it—how far can I actually go without actually doing porn?"

Editorializing Hip Hop’s Difficulty With Christianity

This week, HipHopDX posted a series of taboo subjects in the culture, focusing on race and the misnomer of Hip Hop as “black music,” as well as the obsession with the Illuminati. We also focused on Hip Hop’s struggle with accepting Christianity in music, honing in on rappers including Mase, No Malice and up-and-comer Lecrae. Some grapple with the label of “Christian Rap,” but the editorial investigates the value of religion and its themes in relation to the culture. Read the full editorial here.

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  • So Icy Boi!

    niggas cant understand Chief Keef and Tyga were da realest niggaz diz week. dey represent real hip hop wit deir wild style. dey dont give a fuck about society. diz is real hip hip attitude. diz niggaz are my role models. swag

  • Tired

    Chief Queef is a White Suoremacist recruiter's wet dream. We need a mob squad that will go around and mop up the streets of all pieces of shit like this littering our race. Throw them all into a giant blender and feed their remains to pigs. Subhuman neanderthalic waste of oxygen. Die.

  • Crabs

    I don't blame Lupe for retiring. This has nothing to do with music. It's just a stage for the ugliest and most ignorant behavior and attitude to be found in the black community. Meanwhile, all of the community "leaders" are selling out and opposing President Obama for not handing out more free shit instead addressing the problems locally in their community. If I was Obama, I'd call these motherfuckers out, and tell them to go clean up their streets instead of fucking riding in my glow.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef Laughs At Rapper's Death, Tyga Launches Porn Site- makes rap sound terrible.

  • FuKKK Chief KKKeef

    Worst week since the week Biggie died.

  • whyhiphop

    why does every site say the kids 16... how long can a person stay the same age god damn hes 17

  • so icy boi!

    I'm a bitchass hoe who can only talk about young money, so YOUNG MONEY DICK ALL DAY. swag.

  • bballslim42

    I had never heard of Chief Keef until Lupe mentioned him. So I youtube this 'rapper' (I use the term loosely because damn this nigga is terrible). Anyway, long story short, this muthafucker is 5'4" acting tough with 20 nigga's all sharing the same raggedy ass pistol. Point being if Lupe wants to pay for my court costs i'll beat the hell outta this midget MMA style, I'm 6'6" my body kicks would be at this clowns head. And I'll smack all this niggas midget sidekicks.

  • v b xb

    man I hope someone kill that ugly ass keef dude for just for laughing and looking so damn ugly!

  • chakkarabani

    Well done you have done a great job! also look into it "Check out Obama's New Anthem, Here [Link],"

  • Casey Stellar

    Crazy. Laughing at a death? Smacking Lupe? Lupe quitting? Just crazy.