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In Part One of this HipHopDX exclusive, T.I. dissects his bars on "Wild Side," discussing every angle of his hood and how it pertains to the lyrics.

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  • Anonymous

    1 863 662 2023 And what do want you text my sister breezy By

  • kat graham-munger

    Trouble man is the best CD I think T.I. has ever made I play it to death. I have everyone put this one is far my favorite.

  • Big Dan

    Forgot to mention that coincidentally, he has an album coming out.

  • big Dan

    And while TI believes what he his selling here, I hope the audience realizes that that's just what it is, he is selling something. You still have love for the hood, you still go back to the hood, cool, but you are now a multi-millionaire living the life and quite frankly, if I lived in the hood and struggling everyday, I would have a serious problem with any rapper that's not putting (legit) money back in the hood, if he wanted to come through to show his "streed cred' whatever the eff that means. This is just using people. You get to jump in a 100k car and go back to your mansion, while folks in the hood still get to wonder how they are eating, someone getting shot etc. As someone mentioned, its been 15 years TI. Motivate people by showing them where you are going, not where you came from.

    • firehawk17

      T.I puts money back into the hood homie... Look T.I a honest guy thats why he speaks of that life so carefree because he isn't living that life anymore.. he knows it was wrong but he made it out and made a change.. he is telling his story.. no glorification.. glorifying it would be saying go get you some work this is life to live...na he telling a story on wax just like movie producers tell stories visually..

    • x

      you are right but is ignorant about it when it come to t.i. before you speak on tip go find out how many houses in his hood he had rebuilt how he comes back and give back every year.

  • 614grind

    I wonder if Rick Ross can take us back to his trap...nevermind. You can't video tape a fantasy. I wonder if Drake could take us back to the bottom, where he started...nevermind. Its hard to show footage of Forest Hil, Toronto where the median household income is 250% higher than it is in the city of Toronto. "Them sucka niggas outta style, G Season"

    • firehawk17

      well i agree with you on the rick ross tip.. that nigga never had a trap except his stomach..stuffin his fat ass mouth.. with drake saying started from the bottom does not mean he was in a hood.. people keep saying that.. He never alluded to anything growing up having a tough life.. started from the bottom in the entertainment industry now we here.. that is what he was referring to.. we know drake isnt a hood dude and he never claimed to be so i dont know why people try to clown dude like he cant start from the bottom.. being poor aint the only way to start from the bottom..

  • emma harris-mason

    I appreciate REAL people.....who are able to overcome past events, and are able to share it with other people... that way they can see that sometimes they should appreciate their LIFE and not take it for granted. I once was scared to share the testimony of my life but than one day I woke up and said I can, I will, and I shall because struggles, trials, make you the person you don't ever want to be AGAIN!

  • random

    method man would destroy ti in a battle

    • firehawk17

      um... thats not true and I'm a method man fan from day 1...love the Wu.. but back that asinine opinion up.. T.I got plenty of bars homie and never came wack.. name something he has slacked on... T.I. would put method man to rest quick in a lyrical battle... ya'll can compare lyrics, aint no comparison..T.I will son meth on the mic

    • Anonymous

      yes he would but that's not the issue here

  • Anonymous

    ... method man - crystal meth ,what?

  • Started From The Bottom

    Na he here...

  • WhoseverPine97

    Not erybody had to sell crack, weed and cocaine to live and survive...i cain't relate to this dammitt..

  • honest policy

    I still wouldn't tell my business like that even if it was over 15 years ago